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Buying Weight Loss Muscle Stimulation Equipment

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We have no cable TV connection now and so while I was browsing through the many regular TV channels, I found out that two TV channels aired advertisements from that shopping network. I saw an advertisement for those belts that promote weight loss. Frankly, the ads were quite convincing, not only because they presented seemingly scientific explanations of how the gadgets work but also because they presented the products with client testimonials.

If you have been overdosed with the many shopping network ads, you might end up like me – a bit hesitant, but willing to buy – if given that much of extra (and I mean a lot of extra) money. Frankly, I would want to try those weight loss muscle stimulation equipment, especially if I would be getting them for lower prices, if not for free.

In case, you are thinking of buying weight loss muscle stimulation devices, here are some things you might want to consider:

1. Will you be buying the equipment solely because you believe that it will help you achieve your goal?
2. If you buy the equipment, do you think you will be able to use it regularly? Will you stick to that workout routine appropriate for the equipment you’re buying?
3. Have checked around for the gadget’s market price from different distributors and sellers? Will you be getting the best deal when it comes to quality and pricing?
4. Are you satisfied with the product’s warranty and return policies?
5. Do you think you will be getting adequate assistance from the company’s customer and support services?

If you have answered yes to these five basic questions, then maybe that weight loss muscle stimulation equipment is really worth spending for.

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Why I Keep On Failing at Fulfilling My Weight Loss Plan

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For months now, I have been planning my weight loss plan – and now, it still remains as a plan. Nothing more, nothing less. I know what I should be doing but I can’t seem to start doing it. I know that I should start eating less but when I eat with the kids and feed them from my plate, it just feels so nice to eat and eat too.

Well, as for the workout plan, I actually have no spare time because I blog and work while minding the kids and in between, we sleep, eat, do some household chores, etc. Sometimes, I just feel so exhausted to do a bit of exercise. I’m not really as motivated as I was when I was still single. I don’t know why. When I look at my pictures, I tell myself that I should lose weight because I look so fat already but after a few minutes, I totally forget about everything. I just don’t feel inspired to follow my workout and diet plan. Would the best diet pills for women still work in cases like mine? What would inspire me? I probably should post a biggy picture of mine somewhere where I can see it all the time.


Love Thyself – just what I need!

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Stretch marks are caused by damaged dermis – these are tears and scars on the layers of the skin. Sadly, I belong to the 80% of women who gained these unwanted marks during pregnancy – apart from the additional 60 pounds (now just 15).

At times, I look at my tummy and it seems that it’s not really part of my body – it’s like a pile of crumpled skin pasted on me (ok, maybe I’m exaggerating – a bit). But the point is – It’s really ugly. My body has grown thin but my tummy has retained the bulge – or rather the excess stretched-skin with some fat. That is why some people mistake me still as 2 months pregnant. hay…

Anyway, I’m glad Entrepremom has this Love Thyself promo. She’s giving away Mosbeau Placenta White 500mg (120 tablets) worth P1,340 (which promotes healthy skin) and Slenda Weight Loss Pills 350mg 90 capsules worth P1,080. I would like to try those products and see if they would work on me. I know the marks won’t completely disappear if not for a tummy tuck.. but I would love it if they would become less noticeable. To join her giveaway, click here.


Real Leaf Paparazzi

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I have never been a fan of sodas. Nor did I ever engage in a one-night spree with beer or vodka. Instead, I have always loved ice-cold tea. Drinking tea is a habit I’ve developed since I was in college and my ‘tea-addictivity’ has never wavered since. I’ve patiently put up with teabags for years but fortunately, bottled-up teas are now available and distributed in heaps.

These days, I’m much fond of Nestea’s Real Leaf Tea and I share this fondness with my two closest “allies” – my partner in life and my younger brother.

What follows is our one big attempt to encourage more people to engage in our quest for a Real Life with Coca Cola’s Real Leaf tea (and of course, an attempt to get a prize from Nuffnang’s exciting contest- Real Leaf Paparazzi!)…

This is the typical “Juan” trying to have a Real Life.
With the help of the Real Leaf tea, my brother ‘John’ tries to stay 100% on. He tries to relieve the exhaustion, stress, and anxiety brought by… (a) a hard day’s work as a nurse’s assistant; (b) the fact that there’s no electricity and tomorrow is the deadline for his report that’s yet to be written; and (c) the miserable feeling of not being able to call his girlfriend.

Come on, admit it. Everybody wants to have a REAL LIFE… one that’s full of adventures and challenges…one that’s free of everyday stresses. In essence, the kind of life that we all very much aspire for is one wherein we stay 100% ON most – if not all of the time, a life that’s free of D.E.A.T.H. – Depression – Exhaustion – Anxiety – Thirst – and Health problems!

But in the case of us Pinoys, do you think we still have a good shot at having this so-called Real Life?

Now hold your horses! Before you answer with a hesitant “Yes” or a depressing “No”, let me share with you our Real Leaf stories in relation to some notable Real Pinoy facts of life…


Did you know that in the Philippines, almost ten percent of the total population has experienced some form of depression-related disorder?What’s more is that the present economic crisis gradually makes many Filipinos more vulnerable to this condition.

Depression strikes us most often when we feel powerless, neglected, encaged, and abandoned. In such moments, we can get rid of that depressive mood just by sipping Nestea’s Real Leaf tea.

At times, I myself have fallen victim to depression as I often long for the things I used to do before my tummy grew as big as it is right now.

I miss traveling. I miss going to work and seeing my friends right after. I miss the way I used to carry, cuddle, and cradle my daughter to sleep. I miss being able to walk, roam around, and going to places I want to go to without needing the help of others.

To thwart the depressive mood however, I focus on the productive things that I could do (like blogging) and the thought of having two adorable babies in just a few more weeks. I imagine their would-be smiles and laughs, and those thoughts -along with the calming effect of green tea – help me curb my negativity.


Did you know that of the estimated 35.5 million employed persons last year, 51.5% belonged to the services sector? This means that slightly more than half of the employed population in the country engages in wholesale and retail trade and repair of motor vehicles, motorcycles and personal and household goods.

These jobs – which eat up more than the usual eight-hour work routine – are all labor-intensive ones. They are Exhausting. Fortunately, this exhaustion can be alleviated with a drink of Nestea’s Real Leaf tea.

I am a witness to how dreadfully tiring these kinds of work could be. We own this small motor shop and my husband literally spends his life (or about two-thirds of it) on motor repairs and customization. He sleeps in the wee hours of the morning and skips his meals most of the time.

Fortunately, he has a loving wife (me 🙂 ), a bubbly and adorable daughter -plus real leaf tea – to cheer him up, inspire him, and keep him going and going.


Did you know that 3 out of 10 government employees in the country have some sort of anxiety problem?They would need psychotherapy and anti-anxiety drugs like benzodiazepines or tranquilizers. However, these drugs are very expensive.

Additionally, these drugs also have numerous side effects like drowsiness, lack of energy, slow reflexes, slurred speech, depression, disorientation, memory loss, nausea, and more. Considering these side-effects, wouldn’t it be better if anxiety disorders have been prevented in the first place? All they would have needed is a slurp of Nestea’s Real Leaf tea everyday.

Taking into account the many activities that my brother often engages in, he would have had an anxiety problem a long time ago if it weren’t for his positive outlook in life and his healthy lifestyle – particularly his choice of food and beverages.

I know that his overly upbeat and optimistic perspectives are in great contrast to my pessimism. I don’t really know how he does it but he always seems to stay calm even in the midst of things that make others go loco. I guess it has something to do with his favorite tea.


Did you know that a lot of provinces in the Philippines lack piped-water systems?Even more, people are often uncertain about the biological contaminants and water-chlorination by-products in areas where major water distribution systems are available.

Since we feel thirsty every now and then because we lose almost two liters of water through sweating and other bodily processes throughout the day, we constantly need to replenish our body’s liquid supply. With Nestea’s Real Leaf tea, we can adequately hydrate ourselves and never get that dry dehydrated feeling again.

That’s actually the secret technique that computer addicts and online gamers use whenever they feel like spending 24/7 in front of the computer. My brother, who is both a crammer and a true-blue fan of DOTA, can last an entire day (or more) in front of the computer for as long as his tea is just within his reach.


Did you know that beer ranks third among the top items that Pinoys often purchase (It’s next to mobile phone prepaid loads and infant milk)? The bad news is that excessive beer drinking is associated with various health problems.

This includes various forms of cancers, pancreatitis, cardiovascular problems, heart muscle damage, stroke, high blood pressure, liver cirrhosis, miscarriage, fetal alcohol syndrome, and even suicide. If you’re a beer addict, don’t you think it’s about time for your hobby to change from the ‘Excessive’ to ‘Moderate’ mode? After all, you now have a healthy alternative – Nestea’s Real Leaf tea. This also lessens the harmful effects of alcohol to your body.

Frankly, I am very much proud of my hubby who is able to resist the temptation to go out with his friends and then go home intoxicated.

Yes, he has tried a few shots before, and yes, he occasionally says “Yes” to a bottle of beer.

But, he is aware of the unpleasant effects of drinking not only to his body but to the way me and my daughter look up to him as my partner in life, and as the head of the family. That’s why he results to green tea instead.


Taking into account all of these facts and figures, it is therefore safe to say that indeed, there is still hope for us!Pinoys (like the super mommy me, my hardworking hubby, my stress-prone brother, and my adorably active baby) can still have that pleasant Real Life and it all starts with drinking the tea with Theanine – Real Leaf tea! (Summing it all up, we can find Relief in Real Leaf and stay 100% on!)

Segue: Theanine is that special component found in green tea. Studies show that (a) Theanine increases our ability to learn and remember; (b) It creates a feeling of relaxation without shutting down the brain; (c) Compared to caffeine, it gives us more of the energy and less ‘jittery-ness’; (d) It prevents high blood pressure and relieves stress; (e) it acts as a mood modulator; and (f) It reduces the risk of having stroke, Alzheimer’s diseases, and memory loss problems.


This is my entry for the Real Leaf Papparazzi Contest of Nuffnang and Coca Cola: