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Dealing with stretchmarks

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Do you have stretchmarks? How do you deal with having these “body scratches”? I remember how bad I felt when the terrible stretchmarks started to show during the last trimester of my first pregnancy. So to stop feeling sorry for myself then, I always told myself that I should just ignore how horrible those stretchmarks looked like because having stretchmarks is a common thing among women who get pregnant – and even those who just gain or lose weight. Back then, I was also convinced that I can just find the best stretch mark cream and bid goodbye to the marks in just a few years.

Before I got to try creams and other stretch mark solutions however, I got pregnant again – with twins. As expected, my stretch marks got worse. They were longer and wider – and they spread like “fire” on my bottom area. Only after I successfully gave birth to my darling twin girls did I realize the extent of “damage”. I got horrible stretch marks at the back of my knees, on my thigh, on my butt, and on my tummy.

Today, almost two years after my twins were born, I still have a fairly positive view on having and dealing with stretchmarks. I still wear short shorts, and dresses whenever I want to. Yes, I still mind my stretch marks and I’m still looking for effective creams and lotions that would make them less noticeable. I also still think positively – and by positively, I mean that I believe that after several years, those stretch marks would fade and lighten – and that there will come a time when these marks will not be as visible as they are right now. I have also learned to embrace the fact that these marks will never disappear completely but it doesn’t really matter because the fruits of my pregnancies which brought these marks are worth all these.