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Dealing with stretchmarks

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Do you have stretchmarks? How do you deal with having these “body scratches”? I remember how bad I felt when the terrible stretchmarks started to show during the last trimester of my first pregnancy. So to stop feeling sorry for myself then, I always told myself that I should just ignore how horrible those stretchmarks looked like because having stretchmarks is a common thing among women who get pregnant – and even those who just gain or lose weight. Back then, I was also convinced that I can just find the best stretch mark cream and bid goodbye to the marks in just a few years.

Before I got to try creams and other stretch mark solutions however, I got pregnant again – with twins. As expected, my stretch marks got worse. They were longer and wider – and they spread like “fire” on my bottom area. Only after I successfully gave birth to my darling twin girls did I realize the extent of “damage”. I got horrible stretch marks at the back of my knees, on my thigh, on my butt, and on my tummy.

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