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Home Improvement: How to Pick the Right Sofa

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A year ago, I have made the mistake of buying what turned out to be a jerrybuilt sofa set in disguise, from an unreliable furniture maker. You see, I decided to go frugal and went for a cheap version of what I originally wanted – And so I got what I paid for. After a year of use, the foam has flattened and some of the springs have punctured the textile – and let me emphasize – it has only been A Year.

Anyhow, I’ve learned my lesson. Next time – I hope this Xmas – I will be able to save and I will surely pick a better furniture set. I will see to it that we will invest in a comfy, sturdy, and long-lasting sofa set that will be with us for years.If you’re also thinking of getting sofas for yourself, here are some tips I’d like to share with you…

Tips in Picking The Right Sofa

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Earn Online: How to Keep Yourself Motivated as a Work-At-Home Freelancer

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Sometimes, working at home can get boring – especially if you start neglecting yourself and you devote all your time (and your life) to working and earning. If you feel like you are becoming obsessed with your ‘home-work’ right now and you don’t want it ever to evolve into a dreary routine, here are some tips that you have to consider…

5 Tips to Keep Yourself Motivated for your Work At Home Jobs

Make sure you take breaks from your long hours of work.

Everyone needs a break from work and as the old saying goes – All Work and No Play makes Jack a Dull Boy. If you don’t get time off from working – even if you are working from home, you will get bored and eventually lose interest in the job you’re doing. So, it is better to actually schedule your ‘Time Out’. You have to set breaks and set reminders on your computer or your mobile phone because when you are working at home, it is easy to zone into what you’re doing and forget everything else around you. Before you know it, the day has passed and you haven’t even taken a bath or changed your clothes. To keep yourself sane and healthy, set breaks in your day and take a walk outside, call a friend, read a newspaper – or do something to avoid going zombie-ish with your work.

Set up Office somewhere else every now and then.

Yes, every one who works at home must have a perfect, peaceful and organized home office but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay there ALL THE TIME. You can change your venue for work every now and then. Don’t lock yourself up away from the world. Aside from working at your home office, you can work in your couch, in your garage, in your front yard, or in a coffee shop or library  which offers WiFi access. You’ll see, a change of venue can help refresh your energy levels and give you new inspiration.

Learn to turn yourself “OFF”.  

I know most have a hard time turning OFF their ‘Work Mode’ at home even if they have to attend to stuff relating to the other aspects of their lives.They think about their business conference calls, the design for the next websites they are working on, or the topics for the next set of SEO articles they will be writing – even as they do the laundry, while they cook, or when they are with their kids and are supposed to play. Don’t do that. You have to learn to focus on other important things in your life and totally dedicate time for such things even if you love your work so much. You can try to do this by keeping your ‘work gadgets’ away from you when it’s time for you to dedicate time for yourself, your family, and other stuff.

Avoid loneliness and go out with family and friends.

The quickest route to loneliness and insanity is to work from home and avoid social interaction. Lock yourself up in your home office, do work, and do nothing but work. Surely, you’ll end up like Jack Nicholson in The Shining, in just a month or two, perhaps even less. Anyhow, the best way to avoid personal deterioration is to continuously be active with your social life and your family life while working at home. Go out and spend some time with them at least once a week. You might also want to consider meting your colleagues and clients in person every now and then.

Review your Accomplishments.

When you work at home, it is easy to feel that you aren’t accomplishing anything not unless you have a boss who keeps on praising and promoting you, and giving you a bonus pay (Lucky you!). So, to keep yourself motivated, track your accomplishments. Set certain goals every week or every month and write these down. See if you are fulfilling your goals on a regular basis. Have you reached your weekly quota? Were you able to learn new skills? Did you get a raise? Did you get another contract or have you renewed your contract with a client? Saying Yes! Yes! Yes! will give your self esteem a boost and it will further motivate you to become a productive work-at-home employee/freelancer.

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Home and Living: Protecting Yourself from Home Security Scams

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Whenever you’re looking at home alarm systems, you must be wary of salespeople who are more concerned with taking your money than they are about looking after your safety. During the spring and summer months especially, you might be visited by a traveling sales agent for an alarm or security company. Do not be swayed by their pressure tactics. It is of vital importance to avoid the purchase of a low quality alarm system riddled with unnecessary and ineffective features.  It is always better to shop around and take time in making important decisions about your family’s wellbeing and security.

Know Who You’re Talking To

Not every traveling sales agent will be out to scam you. Ask for his or her name, some form of identification, the company they represent, and what they are selling before they tell you anything else.  Save this information so you can follow up later. Continue reading

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Kids and Schooling: Back to school – Design your club flyers and leaflets for the new term

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Going back to school after the holidays is always exciting. Maybe you have decided that you want to try a new club or society this year. Most people like to have things put in front of them before they decide whether they are going to go for it or not. It needs to be something eye-catching and exciting to make people want to join. Nowadays, unless something is shown to someone, or it catches their eye, they may not be too bothered about going out to find the information itself. That’s why now, marketing and advertisements are more important than ever.

If you are thinking about creating a leaflet or flyer for a new club or society to try and recruit new members, going online for printing needs is a great place to start. Being able to personalize your flyers is perfect in this instance as you can create your colour themes, font and images around what you’re trying to promote. It needs to be fun, easy to read and have the information clearly for people to understand when and where it is, what time they need to be there, if they need to bring anything and so on. Continue reading

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How to Be Happy: Ten Ways Towards a Happier Me – Or You Too

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No.1  – Do only what you LOVE to do

Never do anything if you are just forced to do it, or if you just feel like you have no choice. Remember – before you start doing anything – you always have a choice – TO DO or NOT TO DO IT.  If you do anything that you don’t love doing – like getting a monotonous job, starting a crappy business, or marrying some guy you don’t really love – you will end up regretting that decision sooner or later and you will just fail and feel unhappy.

No. 2 – Stay away from people who bring you down

Stay away from people who pretend to be your friend just for the sake of having someone to boost their ego when they feel bad about themselves or when they just need someone to bring down so they can think highly of themselves. There are tons of bullies in disguise and if you feel like your supposed ‘friend’ is one of them – stay away! Try to surround yourself with people who love you – those who would encourage you to do your best and help and support you to reach your full potential. Continue reading