Cars: The Basics of UTVs

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Utility Terrain Vehicles are designed to go where passenger vehicles can’t navigate comfortably. Although Sporty Utility Vehicles can handle some off road conditions, they cannot compare to UTV models. For example, the latest Utility Terrain Vehicles are designed to ride through water such as crossing narrow streams and creeks. Surely, an SUV would get stuck trying to match such performance in water.

A UTV is relatively lightweight and therefore easier to handle in tight spaces such as rocky cliffs and narrow dirt roads. However, the lightweight design poses some risk of overturning in steep conditions and that’s why drivers need to practice caution when navigating hills and other ascending climbs.

Utility Terrain Vehicles are distinguished by their unique tires that have very advanced tread designs. The tread patterns have a V design that cuts through all types of terrains including ice, snow, rocks, dirt, grime, mud and grass. Such a design prevents the tires from getting stuck, something that happens often in passenger vehicles.

For their relatively small engine sizes and mechanical features, Utility Terrain Vehicles pack a powerful punch as they can generate more than 100 hp and 100 foot-pounds of torque. Twin V style engines can be loud at times, and that’s why the appropriate noise reducing technology should be installed in Utility Terrain Vehicles. Additionally, some of the latest UTVs can reach maximum speeds of about 40 miles per hour. However, drivers should keep in mind that such vehicles are used for utility purposes and not fast paced racing action.

The best Utility Terrain Vehicles have a cage or frame design around the passengers and driver. This design protects everyone riding through exposed conditions that may include sudden gushes of sandy wind and other debris. A windshield can be installed to protect drivers and passengers navigating through rocky terrains that leave dusty trails behind.

Anyone following the latest UTV news will realize that these machines are designed for use in cold conditions. Snow plows can be attached to the front of Utility Terrain Vehicles for cleaning up massive blizzards. UTVs can be used to clear up sidewalks, somewhere pickup trucks cannot go with their powerful plows. The plows attached to Utility Terrain Vehicles can be controlled by joysticks that employ manual and digital operations. Utility Terrain Vehicles could be equipped with accessories and replacement parts such as headlights, tires, harnesses, windshield wipers, batteries, stereo speakers and more.

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Budget and Finances: 5 Ways to Rack Up Cash Before the Year Ends

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The best way to end 2013 and start 2014 with a bang is to ensure that you are debt-free and that you have some extra cash to spend for your new year plans – may it be to engage in a new hobby, a plan to travel, or to start a new business. If you are still thinking of a few easy ways to rack up cash before the year ends, here are five things you could try…

Money-Making Tip #: Get a Holiday Stall and Sell Something
Christmas is a few days away and this festive season is the perfect time to sell stuff. You can sell stuff which you made yourself or just something you bought somewhere else. The most ‘saleable’ stuff these days are Christmas food and gift items. You can get a stall and make and sell some pies, fruit cakes, cupcakes, and pastries. You can also sell items which you made yourself like lamps, photo frames, customized mugs, and the likes. You can also consider buying clothes and toys from a wholesale supplier and then selling them on your stall. Avoid selling things that would require too much effort from you. Stick with what’s easy to make (or buy) and easy to sell, and don’t forget to offer gift wrapping services!

Money-Making Tip # 2: Clean Up and Sell Your Clutter
Every year’s end is the perfect time to reflect on your home clutter, do a general cleaning of the house, and gather everything which you no longer need. Clean up, declutter – and make money from your ‘trash’. Try to look for old gadgets you might want to dispose of like old mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. You can sell these online. Gathering clothes and shoes that no longer fit you (or your taste) and putting these on sale via a garage sale or on eBay is also a good idea.

Money-Making Tip # 3: Rent out your House or One of Your Rooms
If you have a big, gorgeous house or flat, you might want to rent it out while you’re staying with your family or friends during the holidays. There are some websites where you can sign up and advertise your willingness to rent out your home for a few weeks each year. Just make sure that your house is insured against any accidental damage by those who will temporarily stay in it. You might also consider renting out your garage or your parking space, or even your front yard – if you have a nice garden where gatherings can be held.

Money-Making Tip # 4:Be a Holiday Freelancer
I know all of us want to take a break during the holidays but if you really want cash for 2014, make use of that extra free time to do more work and rack up cash. There are tons of individuals and and companies who are needing extra help with the holiday demands of their businesses and you can give a hand to them in exchange for a fair amount of cash. You can find interesting jobs online in sites like Freelancer, eLance, and oDesk. You can also check out local classified ads. If you feel like it, you can even get odd jobs from around your neighborhood.

Money-Making Tip # 5: Find Cash Online the Easy Way
If you don’t feel like doing any kind of hard work and you want to relax and have fun this holiday season, you can just use your computer, go online, and earn cash from completing surveys and doing reviews of app and music online. You can also consider trying out online gaming and winning some cash if you really have money to spare. If you are fond of some mobile, video, Facebook, or computer games, you can also spend your time playing and then consider selling your game user account or some ‘valuable’ game resources to avid players later on. I don’t really understand why – but apparently people are fond of trading real cash for virtual goods in games.

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Home and Living: Prepping Your Home for Floor Sanding

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It’s almost the end of the year again and for most of us, this signifies the time for major home cleaning, repairs, and renovations. Like a kitchen renovation, one of most tedious repair and renovation projects we might need to engage in is floor sanding. If you’re going to embark in such home project, here are some tips that can help you prep for the ‘big event’.

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  • Make sure to warn your neighbours prior to the floor sanding day because the process can be very noisy. Also, avoid scheduling your sanding during unsociable hours.
  • Before you start sanding or before the sanders start sanding, ensure that there is adequate lighting and power available in the room where the process would be done. More than one power outlet would be needed.
  • Clear the room and the floor area of debris and furniture. Make sure that all that furniture in the room to be sanded is taken somewhere for storage – and the floor must be free of staples, tacks, and the likes. You might incur extra charges from the sander if they will have to remove staples and tacks prior to sanding.
  • You also need to remove all indoor plants in the surrounding areas, as well as all the unsealed food and other sensitive materials in your pantry and other storage areas around the room where the sanding will be done. This is because the smell and the solvent of the polyurethane can taint them.
  • Turn off all general air heating or cooling systems at your home and make sure that they are sealed tightly prior to the sanding process so the dust won’t enter and damage them.
  • If you will not be emptying the adjoining rooms, make sure you use masking tape to seal the doors of the rooms, the fitted wardrobes, and kitchen cupboards of your house before the sanding starts.

If you have had no prior experience on sanding or if you are quite hesitant in DIYing, it is best to hire floor sander specialists like Floor Sander Hire Co. Hiring the services of expert floor sanders or renting floor sander services are great alternatives to purchasing big sanding machines which would make the process easier and less messy. New, dust-free machines are expensive to purchase so consider your options carefully.

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Home and Living: Does Your Home Require a Foundation Repair?

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Foundation repair is an important part of home repair and home maintenance. Unfortunately, because the foundations are under the house, it can be difficult for non-professionals to judge exactly when their home requires foundation repair.

It’s easy if you conduct an inspection, but most people don’t have the tools to accomplish this, and don’t necessarily know what to look for during one. However, the following are some things that anyone can look for that are indicative of the need for home repair.

The first telltale is always tiles falling out of alignment or leaning on one another. If tiles that should be flat are beginning to appear at an angle, it usually means something below the floor is broken or misaligned. This usually implies a problem with the foundation. This is usually the easiest thing to find because it is not unlikely to cause people to trip or stub their toe. It’s a very inconvenient physical error to have in your flooring. If you see this, it’s probably a good idea to call Plano Foundation Repair or a similar company to have your foundation inspected and get an estimate for what will be necessary to repair it.

Doors hanging unevenly in door frames can be another indication. When this happens, it means something in the frame is out of alignment. Most often, this is the sides of the frame that are attached to the floor. This is less likely to be as inconveniencing as the floor tiles being out of alignment, as it tends only to result in the door sticking. This is not as much of a sure sign of a foundation problem.

Signs that the door may be uneven or out of alignment can seem a lot like the problems caused by inclement weather or a change in humidity. As a result, the best way to test this is usually with a level; if the wood is simply warping as a result of the climate, it will still be level. If it isn’t, it is more likely a problem with the foundation.

Foundation problems can cause long-term damage to your home and will almost always be caught on appraisal inspections if you intend to sell it. Foundation repair is thus a very important service for any homeowner. If you’re having issues like these in your home, call the specialists to case the situation and do what you need to.

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Home and Living: Casting Light on How LED Lighting Works for You

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With the incandescent light bulb being phased out – in the UK, from 2011 all light bulbs must carry a class B classification, in other words it operates more efficiently than its older counterpart – but there are alternatives out there for those amongst us who are conscious of their energy consumption.

But there are a few issues with LEDs that some customers find off putting, the major one being cost. The price of an LED bulb compared to an ordinary bulb is significant higher but before you decide not to invest, considering these factors first: Continue reading