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Home and Living: Basics of Home Appliance Shopping

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Frigidaire is an example of a mainstream brand of domestic appliances. It is just one of more than two dozen appliance manufacturers in the United States and abroad. Major appliances are roughly divided into four categories: refrigeration equipment, washing equipment, stoves and miscellaneous appliances.

Refrigeration equipment includes refrigerators and freezers. Washing machines, clothes dryers and dishwashers belong to the washing equipment category. Stoves include microwave ovens and cookers, also called ranges, stoves, ovens and cooktops. Air conditioners and water heaters are two common miscellaneous appliances.

In addition to major household equipment, appliance manufacturers also produce appliance accessories and replacement parts. Known as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, these items are made to work with the original appliances. Refrigerator parts, stove parts, washer parts, dryer parts and air conditioner parts are the most popular replacement parts for domestic appliances.

Water filters, ice maker kits, and appliance lights are some of the most sought-after parts for refrigeration equipment. Drip pans, oven racks and range burners are common replacement parts for stoves. Manufacturers offer numerous washer and dryer parts, from parts that minimize washing machine vibrations to those that reduce the risk of dryer fires. Consumers can reduce their energy bills with new air filters and other air conditioner parts.

Many appliance manufacturers also sell accessories that keep domestic appliances running smoothly and efficiently. Cooking tools and kitchen accessories make mealtimes easier. Household cleaners protect appliances and make them sparkle. Organizers offer convenient storage solutions for kitchens, laundry rooms and other parts of the house.

On official company websites and blogs, consumers can find tips for a cleaner, more organized home. Many sites have blogs that feature articles, recipes, product information and reviews. Customer support pages consolidate multiple resources in a single location. From appliance manuals and user guides to frequently asked questions (FAQs), consumers can find a wealth of information online.

Best of all, most company websites have shopping carts that allow for the online purchase of major appliances and accessories. Installation parts help buyers get their appliances set up and running. Most sites also have an accessories support center to help customers find replacement parts and answer their questions.

Home Improvement

Home Improvement: Make Your Home a Safe Haven

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Is your home the safe haven from the outside world that you think it is, or is it in need of a little improvement to ensure it really does come up to that standard? Everyone thinks the safest possible place for them is at home, but in reality more accidents happen at home than anywhere else. With the cause of the majority of these accidents down to human error, it appears that we are the ones that need to ensure our safety and not rely on the house itself to keep us safe. So what can we do to ensure that we are as safe as possible while at home? Following a few simple suggestions will help to ensure your safety:

Identify Risks

You have to look for the potential for danger in the every day activities that take place around your home, from doing the cooking to DIY and then safety proof accordingly. Trips and falls around the home are a common source of injury so ensure carpets are secured and that you can’t catch your feet on anything that might cause you to stumble and fall. Children will always injure themselves but you can minimise the risk of that happening by ensuring the areas in which they play are free from hazards. Continue reading


Cars: When Should You Change Your Car Tyre?

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As a car owner, you have surely asked yourself when is the right time to replace your car tyre. As you may know already, your safety (and the safety of your family) depends on the quality and the performance of the tyres, and hundreds of fatalities are related to tyre failure on a yearly basis. While it is true that modern tyre manufacturers have come up with long-lasting designs that can work at high performance for years in a row, it is still important to carefully inspect the tyres and to change them as soon as they wear out.

Understanding The Importance Of Tyre Tread

In order to know when to replace your tyres, you must firstly understand how they work. In a nutshell, the tyre makes sure that you can fully control your vehicle on the road, even during heavy rain or snow fall. They are essential as they ensure the contact of your car with the road – however, when the tyre tread slowly starts to wear down, they become less and less efficient and this dramatically increases the risk for accidents, not to mention that old tyres also affect your ability to stop the car.

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Home Improvement How-to

Home Improvement: 6 Unusual Methods to Keep a Home Warm In Winter

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Have you ever found yourself, mid-winter, lost in a blizzard of blankets, fumbling for the remote with frozen fingers as the radiators bang and gurgle and you try to avoid setting fire to yourself over the portable gas heater you keep just that little bit too close? Winter can catch us all by surprise.

Even after installing a new boiler, even after performing all those autumn checks and maintenance tasks, even after running the central heating before it’s cold just to get the old system going – even after all of this we can find that our existing heating system is somewhat lacking. Continue reading