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Build a More Efficient Medical Cart

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When you’ve got someone in your household who constantly require medications and medical attention, it would be wise if you have your own medical cart. If you own a medical cart that doesn’t move effortlessly from one place to another, you may want to buy and install new medical casters. However, to boost efficiency throughout the day, you’ll need proper casters that have specific features.

Caster Options

At most stores, you’ll find swivelling, total locking, rigid, and directional locking casters. If you fully understand how the cart will be used in the environment, the process of selecting ideal casters won’t be a hassle. This is why you must consider:

  • The cart’s weight
  • The thresholds
  • Your traveling speed

If you’ll use the cart frequently in locations that have long hallways, consider buying ridge casters since they always move in a straight line. Swivel casters work best in cluttered spaces because the wheels roll around obstacles with ease. Directional lock casters function like rigid and swivel casters. When the locks aren’t engaged, the wheels swivel on the floor effortlessly. Casters that have the ability to completely lock are often used in heavy traffic environments because a strong and reliable brake is found on each wheel.

Caster Materials

Soft caster wheels can absorb shock very well, so they are usually placed on carts that are used in busy environments. Because these tires have cushioning, they make carts travel more quietly down hallways.

Hard wheels are worth buying because the material rolls easier on various surfaces in medical facilities. However, since these tires are tough and highly durable, they are a bit noisy.

Flat casters produce less friction since the surfaces are flat. Since the wheels aren’t round, the process of maneuvering them can be a difficult task in some situations.

Crown casters should be considered if you need wheels that provide full contact with the floor. Thanks to the unique design, crown wheel casters boost maneuverability dramatically after they are placed on large or small carts.

By installing better casters on a typical cart, productivity will increase because the wheels will glide on the floor with ease. If you need enhanced maneuverability, purchase a new cart that has wider handles.

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Parenting and Child Care: The Importance of Sleep Routines for Kids

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Many people see sleep as the third essential process humans need in order to stay alive, with food and water being the first two. However, people can live a surprisingly long time without food or water (Mahatma Ghandi lasted 21 days), whereas a sleep-deprived person can run into real difficulties after just 11 days without sleep.

Despite this, sleep is one of the first things people are happy to do away with. More than 41 Million Americans don’t sleep enough, and it’s a very similar story across the pond in the UK.

If you have children, it’s vital that you provide them with a sensible sleeping pattern, otherwise they may find it hard to concentrate and their IQ might even be affected. Worst of all though is the research that claims a lack of sleep can lead to a range of chronic health problems.

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Weight Loss Solutions: Extreme Dieting for Life

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For two years now, I have been telling myself that ‘I WILL LOSE WEIGHT THIS YEAR’ – and I do. For a few months, I lose some pounds – only to gain them back after I have stopped dieting. This 2013, I’m trying it again but the question is – which diet plan is the best? (Surely, I cannot lose weight with exercise alone since I really need to sit down and be in front of my laptop more than ten hours a day) The dieting shelves in the book shops are full, magazines suggest a new diet every week, the internet has forums, blogs and websites promoting and discussing different diets but which among these diet plans will be effective on a long term basis?

I have checked online and most lifelong dieters will be able to reel off a list of diets they have tried and often failed at.  The most common ones you often hear are cabbage soup, apple diet, juice diet, Slim Fast, Atkins, Weight Watchers, Slimmers World and Dukan to name but a few. Continue reading

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Family Health: Christmas with a Whooping Cough – Symptoms

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Christmas comes with the cold months, and the cold usually brings the cough. Right now, one of my little girls and I are showing early signs of common cold. We’ll have ourselves checked tomorrow and I sure hope this is not pertussis. Anyhow, if you think you or your kid is suffering from the same dilemma or something worse, here’s a guest post you ought to read…

Whooping Cough – The Symptoms

Signs of Whooping Cough
Individuals with a constant loud cough may have pertussis. This bacterial infection usually occurs in infants and children. This condition is also called whooping cough. After an infected individual coughs for an extended time, they inhale air to replenish the lungs. The inhalation of air causes a whooping sound. This sound is a common symptom of the illness. Another dangerous symptom is the paroxysmal coughing that can last for several minutes. While the patient is coughing, they are unable to breathe. When the paroxysmal cough ceases the lungs immediately suck in air while a whooping sound occurs. Continue reading


Pets and Home: Doggie Day Care

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I used to have a pet dog. Her name is Cookie – and I said ‘I used to’ because she’s no longer staying with me now. I have left her in the care of my parents – my father in particular – after I became a mom.

I had to leave her with my parents because I knew that with being a mom, I wouldn’t be able to take good care of her like I used to. Dogs can behave poorly when they feel neglected or if you have suddenly stopped giving them the attention and care you used to shower them with. If you suddenly leave them alone at home for a long period of time or send them outside when you used to allow them to hangout with you in your bedroom that would hurt their feelings and cause them to be disobedient. In addition, neglecting your pets can harm their health.
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