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Kids and Parties: Best Ideas for Baby Shower Favors

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Baby Shower Favors are among the many concerns for the baby shower party, one of the most fun events during pregnancy. Having a baby shower party is one of the best ways to celebrate the coming birth of  your baby with your friends and family! Baby showers need to be a very joyful and memorable experience, not only for the mother-to-be but for all the guests too. Contrary to what most people think, planning a baby shower need not be complicated , though the event does require one to plan several things.

The Baby shower favours are among the things you should consider when you plan to have a shower event. These gifts are like tokens of appreciation for guests, the family and even your friends, for making time to celebrate with the mother-to-be during her occasion of joy. Below are some inimitable and amusing baby shower favour ideas that you can use in order to get started.

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The Teddy Crystal Bear Baby Favours

Very beautiful keepsakes, the luminous teddy crystal bears are the best great way that you can use to celebrate a new born baby… and say thank you to your guests for having time to a part of your most special moment. Every multifaceted crystal statuette is overstated with valuable teddy bear facial black features.

Baby Candle Bottle Favours

Candle sort of Favours are very affordable way that you can use to thank the guests with characteristic charm and modern style! A lovely, practical sort of gift for the guests, these sorts of bottle baby candles celebrates the baby with a charming glow. There are available in Blue or Pink, embroidered with heart and star decorations.

Baby Teddy Frame Bear Favours

Wonderfully ornate… and astonishingly affordable… this type of Baby shower favours are pretty photo frames that are a very sweet way used thank the guests. They can be available Blue and in Pink, these gorgeous resin frames are shaped to be like a baby footprint. Overstated with a pretty teddy bear on a well rocking blocks and horse spelling out the name BABY, they are perfect to be used like the place card holders… or just like take-home sort of favours for the guests.

Baby Horse Rocking Key Favours

A delightfully practical method to thank the baby shower visitors, these babyshower favors feature the standard rocking horse on the key ring they will love using just again and again. Very affordable and consequently cute, the rocking horse sort of favours is pleasant keepsakes they will always keep in mind.

Baby Cookie Cutter Set Favours

Treat the baby shower visitors to an adorable sort of favour they’ll adore using repeatedly! The Baby Cookie Cutter shower favours will appeal to sweet reminiscences of the baby shower event each time the guests make a new batch of their most favourite type of cookies. Every set of cookie cutters has a rocking well horse, a teddy bottle and a bear.

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Parenting: Catch Up and Bond with the Kids this School Break

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Throughout the whole school year, you and your kids have probably been very busy with a lot of things to the point that maybe you haven’t spent a lot of quality time together.

You were probably busy doing household chores, attending to the demands of your business and performing wifely and other mommy tasks so your quality time with your kids have been reduced to your daily routine of preparing them for school, cooking their meals and snacks, washing and pressing their uniforms, and helping them do their assignments in school. While you were working, your kids were also quite preoccupied with schoolwork and other extra curricular activities, not to mention their constant ‘hanging out with friends’ plus sleepover sessions.

Yes, you’ve spent time with them but you probably haven’t given them quality time and attention – real family bonding. No need to worry though – you’ve got time to catch up this school break. If you’re guilty of near zero bonding time with kids, here are some things you can do…

Play Games with your Kids

Try playing old-fashioned games with your kids like Charades or Twister, or raise the geeky-ness a bit higher with monopoly, chess, checkers, snakes and ladders, and the likes. You can also try word puzzles. You can play on paper or you can also try mobile or pc games. If you are the sporty type (and even if you’re not), you might want to take your kids bowling, or play baseball, basketball, volleyball, etc. – whatever sport your kid is interested to try. Whenever you play however, always remember that you’re playing to bond with your kids – not compete with them. Continue reading

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Home Management: Four Ways to Make the Most of Your Mommy Mornings

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Your Mommying sched can get very hectic sometimes – and most of the time, the roughest part of the day is ‘the Morning’. It’s when everyone is very busy doing this and that – prepping themselves for the rest of the day, while the mom helps with all the ‘prepping’ and the ‘getting done’ despite the fact that she too, will have a very long day, and she also has to prepare herself.

Now, if we want to remain energetic and productive the whole day, us moms have to make the most of our mornings. We have to make it less stressful – but as productive as we hope it would be. Here are some tips that could help you…

1. Always try to wake up an hour before your kids.

Preparing everything all by yourself can be stressful. Preparing a lot of things with your kids running around and yelling ‘Mom’ here and there is almost impossible. So, make sure you be the early bird who has the worms all lined up before the little birds start chirping. Wake an hour before they do and deal with the toughest tasks you need to do like cooking breakfast.

2. Prep yourself up a little before you start prepping others.

You may think that busy mornings for a mom may require you to delay all you have to do but you shouldn’t. It is always best if you first deal with things that will allow you to boost your energy and your ‘morning drive’. So, instead of heading to the kitchen to prep breakfast right away, do yourself a favor and first take a shower, brush your teeth, comb your hair, and have a cup of choco or coffee. You might also want to eat breakfast with your kids too. Remember, breakfast is always the most important meal of the day.

3. If you can, start the preparation the night before.

You can lighten your morning load by doing things ahead of time – and that means the night before. Before you sleep, prep up some of the things needed for the mornings like the clothes your kids will wear for school, wash the dishes from dinner, and other ‘small things’ like your hubby’s necktie, the socks, the hankies, the school bags, and the likes. Just make sure you don’t stay up late so you don’t end up groggy and sleepy come morning.

4. Make use of quickie-machines and pre-prepared food.

Invest in many small kitchen appliances and home appliances that can make your life better and your tasks easy. Get a blender, chopper, juicer, sandwich maker, ice crusher, and the likes. Get an automatic vacuum and a dishwasher. You might also want to try pre-chopped veggies and ready-made sauces and dips from the supermarket.

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Kids and Child-Rearing: Implementing a Home Behavioral Plan for Children with Autism

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Raising a child who’s been diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder can be challenging for the whole family. Because every child is different, there is no one plan that will help every child function at home, school or other settings.

For that reason, many families choose to work with a board certified behavior analyst to develop strategies for dealing with the difficult and often frustrating behaviors that are the hallmarks of a child on the spectrum. Diet and, in some cases, medication can help reduce some aspects of autism, but a plan for dealing with behavior is often a requirement. Understanding the triggers for certain behaviors, outlining clear behavioral expectations and consequences, and finding ways to replace negative behaviors with positive ones can help everyone in the family live with the diagnosis.

What Is a Home Behavioral Plan?

In most cases, when a child is diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder, he or she works with a care team composed of educational and medical professionals, therapists, family members and others who provide care and services to the child. Together, these professionals work together to develop a plan for managing the care of the child, including special education services and a behavioral plan.

The behavioral plan is based on the findings of a behavioral assessment and is designed to target specific behaviors. The plan identifies behaviors and outlines strategies for managing the behaviors, in most cases using a reward system to encourage the child to meet the behavioral expectations. For example, the plan might specify that the child will get dressed in the morning on her own and how she will go about choosing an outfit. When she successfully completes the task without intervention, the plan specifies the reward, or the consequences for not completing the task.

In most cases, the home behavioral plan mimics the plan developed for school (also known as the Individual Education Plan or IEP). According to federal law, all behavioral plans must meet certain requirements to ensure that autistic children receive special education services throughout high school. State teacher-education programs, such as those leading to PA teaching certification, train educators how work with parents to develop a home plan and create a cohesive, consistent environment for the child.

Traits of Successful Plans

The most successful home behavioral plans are specific and focus on rewards rather than punishment. They also need to be goal-oriented; for example, the plan may be one part of the larger goal of teaching the child to work independently. The plan does not set unrealistic goals but is instead designed to encourage incremental changes in behavior that will help the child develop a sense of accomplishment and encourage lasting change.

A behavioral management plan should outline specific rewards to encourage the desired behavior, allowing the child to be an active participant and learn to make good choices. The rewards should also be immediate. Most children do not understand or appreciate the concept of waiting several days or weeks to meet a goal, so provide rewards for smaller victories on a regular basis, within the guidelines of the plan.

The best plans are also consistent, and that’s why it’s important to involve school and medical personnel as well as family in the development of the plan. Teachers and parents work together, for example, to help an autistic child manage schoolwork in both the classroom and at home, creating a consistent and seamless transition between the two environments to ensure success.

Creating an effective home behavioral plan for an autistic child is an ongoing process and must be revisited on a regular basis to determine why negative behaviors occur and to make changes when incentives aren’t working. However, an effective plan can reduce frustration for both the child and her family and ensure that she lives a productive and normal life with autism.

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Parenting and Child Care: The Importance of Sleep Routines for Kids

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Many people see sleep as the third essential process humans need in order to stay alive, with food and water being the first two. However, people can live a surprisingly long time without food or water (Mahatma Ghandi lasted 21 days), whereas a sleep-deprived person can run into real difficulties after just 11 days without sleep.

Despite this, sleep is one of the first things people are happy to do away with. More than 41 Million Americans don’t sleep enough, and it’s a very similar story across the pond in the UK.

If you have children, it’s vital that you provide them with a sensible sleeping pattern, otherwise they may find it hard to concentrate and their IQ might even be affected. Worst of all though is the research that claims a lack of sleep can lead to a range of chronic health problems.

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