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Boy or Girl : Knowing your Baby’s Gender Using the Baking Soda Test

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How would you know your baby’s gender? The surest way, of course, is to either have an ultrasound at your 20th week of pregnancy and ask your OB-Sonologist, or just wait ’til you pop. But, if you still have got a long way to go and you’re really overly excited to know if it will be pinks or blues, then it wouldn’t hurt if you try out Gender Prediction Tests you can find online.

There are tons of gender prediction tests online but I should warn you – not one of them will guarantee a 99% chance of accuracy. However, I have found one very popular gender prediction test, which according to social media and parenting website forum responses, may have at least a 70% chance of accuracy. It’s the Baking Soda Test.

I haven’t found a clear scientific basis for this test. According to some online parenting websites, what you will be testing is the acid content of the pee (yes, urine). They claim that “the gender of the baby changes some of the hormones in the mother’s body” and some experts say that this is not really the case, but I guess it’s still fun to try.
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Pregnant Again – With my 5th Kid!

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It’s been a long while since I last posted something. There are a lot of things which have changed but here’s what’s going to bring more changes – I am pregnant again with my 5th Kid.

Frankly, I was not very prepared with this pregnancy. I thought I was going to wait out my 35th year and then have a tubal ligation or an early menopause or something. I was okay with the idea of getting pregnant again, but not really this year. This was unplanned. I was taking up 18 units in Education, so I can take the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) this September, and then move on to getting a Master’s Degree in Education.

But, surprise, surprise. I was a bit sad at first although I was well aware that babies are blessings – no matter how and when you are blessed with one. I just thought it would be great if I would have another boy. If I were to have another boy, Biboy would have a playmate, and that will bring ‘balance’ to our 2:1 household ratio of girls and boys. LOL. If it’s a girl… well, well, well… We’ll have a 5:2. LOL Continue reading

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Motherhood: Top Tips in Planning a Fun Girl’s Night In

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I have written about how you can plan for a girl’s night out before and now, I think it’s only fair for me to make a post about a girl’s night in. Yup, a girls’ night out can be a lot of fun but a girls’ night in can be as fun if not even more enjoyable. It’s pretty much like your old high school sleep over – but it’s even more fun because you’re adults now. Here are some tips on how you can make it memorable…

Choosing the house and setting up the room

Pick a house that is free for the night – where the dad would be willing to watch the kids and the kids won’t really be all around you all for the night (Otherwise, stay in your own home. LOL). As for the room, think about your activities for the night. Make sure everyone will also be able to be able to relax and just be comfortable. If you plan on having drinks and food, set up a few tables in the room. If you want a comfy sleepover, have pillows and blankets for your friends. If you feel like it, set up decors. Continue reading


Motherhood: Top 5 Tips in Preparing for a Mommy’s Night Out

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Tip #1: Think Ahead of What to Do

There are many things that you can do on a night out for moms. You can just find a pub and play boggle or something else with your friends while having beer. You can also do a game night at one of your friend’s home – preferably one who doesn’t have kids yet. You can also go on a concert, watch a movie, go to the theater or simply go get dinner and drinks and have time to chat with your best friends. The point is you have to get all these ideas sorted out before you start calling friends who can come with you. Try to get your friends’ suggestions too.

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Tip #2: Confirm Who Will Be Going Out with You

You can’t really go on a ladies’ night out if you’re on your own. Well, you could, but that would be boring. I personally would want to stay at home with my kids than go out all by myself. That’s why I think it’s best to confirm who will be going out with you and set a definite schedule – far ahead of date so everyone can prepare. Once you know who will be joining you on your night out, you can then finalize the activities you’ll be doing, the place where you’ll be going, and more. Continue reading


Motherhood: 10 Commandments for the Expecting Mom

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye! I have an important announcement to make!

I AM OFFICIALLY 18 weeks pregnant now! — and according to my latest Ultrasound Test, IT’S A BOY!!! Below are some ultrasound photos…

I’m really, really super excited for my delivery which will probably be on the last week of December (my actual EDD is on December 31) – and as part of that excitement, here are the TEN COMMANDMENTS for PREGNANT WOMEN which I am trying to comply to. Continue reading