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Boy or Girl : Knowing your Baby’s Gender Using the Baking Soda Test

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How would you know your baby’s gender? The surest way, of course, is to either have an ultrasound at your 20th week of pregnancy and ask your OB-Sonologist, or just wait ’til you pop. But, if you still have got a long way to go and you’re really overly excited to know if it will be pinks or blues, then it wouldn’t hurt if you try out Gender Prediction Tests you can find online.

There are tons of gender prediction tests online but I should warn you – not one of them will guarantee a 99% chance of accuracy. However, I have found one very popular gender prediction test, which according to social media and parenting website forum responses, may have at least a 70% chance of accuracy. It’s the Baking Soda Test.

I haven’t found a clear scientific basis for this test. According to some online parenting websites, what you will be testing is the acid content of the pee (yes, urine). They claim that “the gender of the baby changes some of the hormones in the mother’s body” and some experts say that this is not really the case, but I guess it’s still fun to try.
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How-To : Finding and Dealing with an Attorney

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Do you need to hire an attorney? Have you been wondering where to start? If you’ve never sought legal counsel before, finding the right lawyer can be overwhelming. Chances are that you aren’t quite sure how to find someone that you mesh with. Since you’ll be working intensely with your lawyer and discussing personal, private situations, it’s important that you find a lawyer you feel comfortable around. Never simply call a number and choose a random lawyer. Instead, you need to actually request a consultation to find out whether or not the lawyer you have in mind will be able to help you.

People seek legal counsel for a number of reasons. Maybe you want to have a will drawn up. Perhaps you need to create a trust. You might even need advice for dealing with the police. No matter what your personal legal situation might be, the right attorney can help guide you through the entire process. Remember that a lawyer is someone who has extensive legal experience. Even though dealing with a problem can be scary, your lawyer wants to help you succeed and to walk away with the best experience possible.

When you call an attorney, make sure that you explain what you need to the secretary. You don’t need to discuss the entire situation, but find out if you’ve called the right type of lawyer. Some lawyers only handle adoption issues, for example, while others are able to deal with a wide variety of situations.

When it’s time to meet with your attorney, make sure that you show up on time and that you have any necessary paperwork. Whether you meet with Atty James P. Hoffman or another lawyer, you’ll want to be as prepared as possible. If you are dealing with a civil lawsuit, for example, you need to bring any paperwork that relates to the problem, any tapes or videos, and anything else that could help your lawyer build a case for you.

Finally, remember that your lawyer is not a magician. While he cannot immediately solve any problem you might encounter, he can help ensure that you’re able to get the help you need to deal with the legal situation in its entirety.

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Home and Living : How to Save Money on Home Construction or Renovation

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Home construction projects can be very expensive – especially if you don’t plan yours quite well. If you’ve been wanting to have a home renovation soon – or if you’re getting your brand new home constructed, here are some tips that can help you save.

Tips in Saving on Home Construction

Never go with the first contractor you come across with

Be the wise ‘shopper’. Get quotations from tons of contractors so you’d know the fair price for the construction project you want to get done. Never go with the first estimate. Most people say you should get at least three estimates but I say it’s best to get five – more is even better. You may be all excited in starting your project but don’t let that excitement tempt you into spending more. Continue reading

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Careers and Businesses : Using Twitter For Real Estate Marketing

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Social media has helped numerous businesses communicate with clients and potential customers in unique formats, such as Facebook or Twitter. The promise and scope of social media’s influence on sales have been well documented by marketers over the last few years. Its even helped the housing sector during this tough economic climate.

We all know that the housing crisis severely altered the economic landscape and changed how the housing market could react properly to the dire economic and banking realities. Because of this, many real estate companies suffered huge revenue losses as they could no longer find interested buyers or sellers. To help increase revenue, real estate and property management companies had to think of new ways to reach people. One of those ways is through Twitter.

Twitter as a Tool to Promote

Twitter is the micro-blogging social media platform where a person can write a small statement with a link to a website. Twitter has helped network ideas, products, and brands across the world and within small regions. Because of the potential to reach new clients seeking housing, Twitter has helped many real estate and property management companies reach new customers and spread their brand and housing stock across the internet.

One example of a successful Twitter campaign is the account for Hartman Income REIT. This real estate and property management company is one of hundreds in the Houston, Texas market. This company uses their Twitter account to link to commercial and residential real estate with a small amount of information before the link. With Twitter, the user can only use 140 characters to create a micro-blog post, also known as a Tweet. Therefore, the real estate company needs a nice, succinct message to capture the attention of someone on Twitter with a small link (URL shorteners shrink the amount of characters that make a link) to lead a potential lead to the real estate listing.

Using Twitter correctly is the key to grabbing the attention of Twitter users. Twitter allows for hashtags to generate links related to a general subject. For example, if the Houston, Texas real estate company wants to capture the attention of people viewing Houston real estate, they can use the hashtag #HoustonHomes to network Twitter user’s attention. In addition, having the real estate Twitter account post and share news stories related to the housing market let’s those interested in housing gravitate to the Twitter account as an authority on housing. When lots of people are viewing the Twitter account for more than just postings, then the actual real estate postings will grab a large audience.

Maintaining and having a large audience on Twitter can help network real estate listings across the web. During this tough housing climate, using the tools associated with Twitter can really help a real estate company expand their reach to new clients and potential sellers and buyers.

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How to Not Feel Alone Even When You’re Working At Home

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Working at home can be very lonely – and it can lead to isolation and an introver-lution (okay, I made that up, combining evolution + introvert, which you probably already get, anyhow…) Yes, working at home, all alone in your home office, talking to nobody and seeing nobody the whole day (or most of it) can help you if you want to lose your sanity soon or if you want to become a hermit. So, if you have no plans of going cuckoo and you’re not in search for absolute peace, tranquility, and all that jazz right now, here are some things you can do to feel that you’re alive and part of the human world even when you’re working at home…

Facebook and Twitter much – Who doesn’t have a Facebook account these days? If you have access to a computer or a mobile phone with internet connection, it is a must to use these social networking sites and explore the world (and stalk your friends or whoever else) every once in a while. I actually thinking adults who have a need for networking and having a social life should allot at least 30 minutes of their daily living to browsing social networks – not just to chat or see what’s up with their friends but to also get a grasp of current societal issues.

Read or Watch the News – You can get tiny bits of details from social networking sites but the best source of info with regards to societal issues is still the media – online and not. If you want to feel part of a community, then you need to be aware of the important stuff happening in your society – and the only way for you to do that is to read or watch the news. Spare at least 30 minutes of your time reading the newspaper online or the traditional way.

Organize Meetups or Attend Events – If you have co-workers, you might want to meet up with them every once in a while, outside the virtual and digital realm. Stop skyping and meet up at least once a month or once in two months if you could. If your co-workers live in the far-other-side of the world, you can just attend events where you can build a support network. These include conferences, seminars, trade shows, and the likes. If this doesn’t interest you, going out with your friends on a regular basis may suffice.

Work Outside – Your home office is not a cage so consider bringing your laptop out of the room and working somewhere else every now and then. A change of scenery can actually do you good. Work in a coffee shop, a library, a park or somewhere with free WiFi and good music. I personally enjoy working in not-so-crowded coffee shops.