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Trial and Error: Weight loss experiments

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What weight loss solutions have you already tried? In my case, I know exercising is still the best way for me to lose weight but given my toxic work and mommying schedule, I find it hard to follow my supposed daily work-out sched (or maybe I just lack the proper motivation).

Anyway, the lack of the willingness to exercise daily prompted me to try out two slimming solutions. The first that I tried is the Perfect Figure Slimming Capsule. This was recommended by a friend and since it’s natural and it didn’t cost much, I figured it was worth trying. This slimming capsule primarily helps us lose weight by reducing our food cravings. In fact, when I tried it, I didn’t felt like eating anymore. I could probably go the whole day without eating anything with it. However, since I have ulcer and I didn’t want to die (lol), I still ate thrice a day in very small portions while I was taking it.

While taking that Perfect Capsule twice a day (as indicated in its ‘prescription’), I also exercised tremendously – about 30 minutes every day and true to its promise, I did lose weight. I lost 15 pounds in two weeks. The problem however was that I found myself unproductive after 12 days of use. Because of the sudden reduction of the amount of calories and other nutrients that I consume every day, I think my body had this tendency to ‘hibernate’ – meaning I slept a lot – about ten hours of sleep each day on my second week. Aside from sleeping a lot, I was technically sleepy and weak throughout the whole day even when exercising should have made me feel more energetic.

Another problem with it was that if I missed a pill, I had these ‘withdrawal’ side effects. Whenever I missed taking a pill or if there was delay (more than 24 hour gap) in taking the next pill, I find myself itchy and I develop rashes. I don’t know if this is because my skin is sensitive or if this is the supposedly natural diet pill’s side effect to all so I stopped taking it after 20 days.

That being said, I tried to switch to another highly recommended weight loss solution – the Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee. Unlike the Perfect Figure Slimming Capsule, this slimming coffee made me feel energetic throughout the day and I didn’t feel I needed to sleep – AT ALL. There was also a significant reduction in my food cravings. What I didn’t like about it however, is that it sometimes made me palpitate and it gave me headaches (probably because I lacked sleep). I stopped drinking it after 4 days of use.

I’m still on the lookout for a better weight loss solution (and I’ll probably go back to plain exercises soon).

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Getting the Help of a Cosmetic Dentist to Get a Job

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Great teeth are essential in getting great jobs, wouldn’t you agree? You have to have gorgeous, properly aligned, CLEAN teeth if you are to get some of the best jobs – of course, those that capitalize on a captivating physical appearance. Here are some of them.

Actor. Picture any popular, highly acclaimed Hollywood actor or actress. Do they have crooked, dirty teeth? Of course not. Imagine George Clooney with sharp, stained teeth in his Batman movie (like that of Penguin’s), or Will Smith with horrible teeth in Hancock? Or Julia Roberts with dirty teeth in Pretty Woman? Those certainly won’t do. You have to have great teeth if you wanna be in the big screen (not unless you plan on acting as a zombie or something like that?) or even in the small ones we have at home.

Commercial Model. Have you ever seen any product endorsed by someone with crooked, stained teeth? Well, maybe comedy actors can pull it off… sometimes. But hey, that’s very rare. Almost all product endorsers who have their faces printed on magazines and newspapers – or splashed on the internet or on billboards and posters – have great, shiny, white teeth.

Sales or Marketing Manager. Wouldn’t it be a turn-off looking at a marketing representative – let alone a manager – if he had horribly stained teeth on front? Great teeth are definitely a must-have for people who are in the field of sales and marketing because they are the ones who talk to people and entice customers to try and avail of products and services. People from the sales and marketing department represent the company they are working for and if they have dirty teeth, what would that imply? Certainly not a very good impression.

Any Supervisory Position. Okay, maybe there are also a lot of people with crooked, stained teeth who get jobs as a supervisor or a manager. However, there are studies which show that people with great physical appearance tend to land on more supervisory positions than those with not-so-good looks – that is if both have the same level of skills. Why? Because people with good looks tend to have more self confidence and are most of the time, more people-oriented. Also, if you have crooked, dirty teeth, what does that show of you? That you probably don’t have a proper oral hygiene routine? If you can’t even take care of your own teeth, then how will you be able to handle a team of workers?

If you wanna get a great job or if you want to get any job at all, I suggest you groom up and make yourself look presentable. Having a clean, great set of teeth is part of the “Hire Me” magic spell so if you don’t have that, it’s best to consult with a cosmetic dentist right away.

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Dealing with stretchmarks

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Do you have stretchmarks? How do you deal with having these “body scratches”? I remember how bad I felt when the terrible stretchmarks started to show during the last trimester of my first pregnancy. So to stop feeling sorry for myself then, I always told myself that I should just ignore how horrible those stretchmarks looked like because having stretchmarks is a common thing among women who get pregnant – and even those who just gain or lose weight. Back then, I was also convinced that I can just find the best stretch mark cream and bid goodbye to the marks in just a few years.

Before I got to try creams and other stretch mark solutions however, I got pregnant again – with twins. As expected, my stretch marks got worse. They were longer and wider – and they spread like “fire” on my bottom area. Only after I successfully gave birth to my darling twin girls did I realize the extent of “damage”. I got horrible stretch marks at the back of my knees, on my thigh, on my butt, and on my tummy.

Today, almost two years after my twins were born, I still have a fairly positive view on having and dealing with stretchmarks. I still wear short shorts, and dresses whenever I want to. Yes, I still mind my stretch marks and I’m still looking for effective creams and lotions that would make them less noticeable. I also still think positively – and by positively, I mean that I believe that after several years, those stretch marks would fade and lighten – and that there will come a time when these marks will not be as visible as they are right now. I have also learned to embrace the fact that these marks will never disappear completely but it doesn’t really matter because the fruits of my pregnancies which brought these marks are worth all these.

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My Horrid Stretchmarks

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What’s that part of my body I’m not that proud of? The answer: My tummy. It’s not because I no longer have my 25 inch waistline. It’s because it has plenty of stretch marks – and I mean PLENTY. While other people read strivectin sd reviews because they worry about wrinkles, here I am trying to find ways to reduce the horrid appearance of my stretch marks.
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Buying Weight Loss Muscle Stimulation Equipment

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We have no cable TV connection now and so while I was browsing through the many regular TV channels, I found out that two TV channels aired advertisements from that shopping network. I saw an advertisement for those belts that promote weight loss. Frankly, the ads were quite convincing, not only because they presented seemingly scientific explanations of how the gadgets work but also because they presented the products with client testimonials.

If you have been overdosed with the many shopping network ads, you might end up like me – a bit hesitant, but willing to buy – if given that much of extra (and I mean a lot of extra) money. Frankly, I would want to try those weight loss muscle stimulation equipment, especially if I would be getting them for lower prices, if not for free.

In case, you are thinking of buying weight loss muscle stimulation devices, here are some things you might want to consider:

1. Will you be buying the equipment solely because you believe that it will help you achieve your goal?
2. If you buy the equipment, do you think you will be able to use it regularly? Will you stick to that workout routine appropriate for the equipment you’re buying?
3. Have checked around for the gadget’s market price from different distributors and sellers? Will you be getting the best deal when it comes to quality and pricing?
4. Are you satisfied with the product’s warranty and return policies?
5. Do you think you will be getting adequate assistance from the company’s customer and support services?

If you have answered yes to these five basic questions, then maybe that weight loss muscle stimulation equipment is really worth spending for.