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Pregnant Again – With my 5th Kid!

It’s been a long while since I last posted something. There are a lot of things which have changed but here’s what’s going to bring more changes – I am pregnant again with my 5th Kid.

Frankly, I was not very prepared with this pregnancy. I thought I was going to wait out my 35th year and then have a tubal ligation or an early menopause or something. I was okay with the idea of getting pregnant again, but not really this year. This was unplanned. I was taking up 18 units in Education, so I can take the Licensure Exam for Teachers (LET) this September, and then move on to getting a Master’s Degree in Education.

But, surprise, surprise. I was a bit sad at first although I was well aware that babies are blessings – no matter how and when you are blessed with one. I just thought it would be great if I would have another boy. If I were to have another boy, Biboy would have a playmate, and that will bring ‘balance’ to our 2:1 household ratio of girls and boys. LOL. If it’s a girl… well, well, well… We’ll have a 5:2. LOL

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Unlike other moms, I wasn’t very worried about the possibility of miscarriage and birth defects at first because I’ve been through three pregnancies without these (but Dear God please don’t let this be). I’m a bit worried about chances of preterm labor though… because my twins were born prematurely, but then again, multiples are almost always born before they reach full term. What I was most worried about before was that I may be having twins again and we won’t be able to perform all the responsibilities and also afford all the expenses that come with having multiples for the second time. I mean, having twins is indeed twice the fun but it is also twice the hard work and twice the expenses.

It was a relief when I found out that we were only having one after I had an ultrasound test a few weeks ago. Problem was I have a subchorionic hemorrhage. OB said it was small but I have to watch out for signs of spotting which I am doing right now. She also asked me to take several prenatal vitamins, and she told me to rest a lot. I was also asked to go back this week for more tests. I hope my baby is okay and is well and healthy. My first trimester is now plagued with fatigue and nausea. I am almost always dizzy, sleepy and exhausted. I have been very unproductive for the past few months that I had to drop my EDUC subjects. I have tried to force myself to do more but I always end up dozing off. At times, I also experience sharp abdominal pain but since it doesn’t come with bleeding and it disappears quickly, the doctor said that it’s normal. I will have to undergo tests for UTI though.

If you’re anxious about your pregnancy too – like I was, here are some tips that can help you…

  • Don’t be afraid to talk to people who would probably know the right answers to your questions. Have your prenatal checkup and consult an OB-gyne. Don’t just rely on whatever source of information you find online. Be careful with what you’re reading online and pick out only those that offer accurate information from the experts (and by experts, I mean doctors).
  • If you’re anxious about something, talk to your trusted family members and your friends. They can help you when you’re dealing with your fears, and they can actually help you when you need something.
  • Practice relaxation techniques whenever you feel like panicking. Watch movies that will make you feel good about yourself, and confident that you’re just going to be fine. Read self-help books if you feel like it .
  • Pray and fill your mind with positive thoughts. Focus on what’s good and great like all the blessings you’ve been receiving, or all the things that you’re capable of doing. Surround yourself with positive people too.
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