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Stocking Your Garage With the Right Spare Parts

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When any product breaks down at home, you might spend half a day just driving to the store for the proper parts. From fasteners to entire assemblies, these parts can be smartly stocked in your garage for future use as a solution. Avoid any real emergencies by knowing which items to have on hand at all times. These spare parts are the key to a rapid repair.

Nuts and Bolts

Purchase a box that has dividers across every section. Use these dividers to keep your nuts and bolts organized by size or application. Keep all of the common fasteners, such as Allen-head screws and nails, on hand at all times. Add household items into the box as well. Push pins, T-pins and other small products will always be found when they’re organized in this area.

Household Items

Your garage can also be a hidden area for those household items that are always necessary. Fast-setting glue, duct tape and PVC piping are just a few items that you want to have in one garage corner. When there’s a sale at the local home-improvement store, stock up on clearance items. They aren’t perishable, which makes them perfect storage items when products break around the house. A broken pipe in the kitchen will always have a solution with your well-organized garage.

Recreational Parts

If you have recreational vehicles, including a boat, you’ll need some extra space for parts. A boat lift winch replacement part might be necessary at some point, for instance. You don’t want to wait for a supplier to have this part so keep the basics on hand whenever possible.

Car Essentials

Spare parts for your car are crucial to a well-managed household. Keep oil, coolant, transmission fluid and other products stashed away for a rainy day. When maintenance is necessary, you don’t need to drive back and forth to the auto-supply shop. Stocking parts also allows you to troubleshoot certain problems that might otherwise be expensive with an official mechanic. Extra brake pads and lubricant are other items that should be at the top of your shopping list.

Don’t forget to keep basic hand tools organized at a work bench or within a specialized box too. Keep wrenches, screwdrivers and hammers properly organized so that you know where to find them in an emergency. In the end, you’ll be able to solve your problems without a lot of time lost.