Personal: Behold my Little Prince!

Just two weeks and two days ago (last December 24), God granted us another wonderful blessing – the most precious Xmas gift I can ever receive – my little prince!

Meet Vince, Jr. – my little boy, who was born around 10 in the morning after roughly 10 hours of labor.

Vincent Ralph Jr.

It’s just amazing. I still feel like it’s my first time as a mommy. I was awake during my whole labor and delivery period despite being sedated because I was so excited to hear my little boy’s first cry and I was so excited to see and hold him for the first time. And yes, I was able to see, hear, and hold him during his first five minutes after he came out, just before they took him to get all cleaned up. I was super happy the moment I saw him, even though he was crying. Definitely, another experience I won’t ever forget in my entire lifetime.


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