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Home Improvement

Home Improvement: Make Your Home a Safe Haven

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Is your home the safe haven from the outside world that you think it is, or is it in need of a little improvement to ensure it really does come up to that standard? Everyone thinks the safest possible place for them is at home, but in reality more accidents happen at home than anywhere else. With the cause of the majority of these accidents down to human error, it appears that we are the ones that need to ensure our safety and not rely on the house itself to keep us safe. So what can we do to ensure that we are as safe as possible while at home? Following a few simple suggestions will help to ensure your safety:

Identify Risks

You have to look for the potential for danger in the every day activities that take place around your home, from doing the cooking to DIY and then safety proof accordingly. Trips and falls around the home are a common source of injury so ensure carpets are secured and that you can’t catch your feet on anything that might cause you to stumble and fall. Children will always injure themselves but you can minimise the risk of that happening by ensuring the areas in which they play are free from hazards. Continue reading