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Home and Living: Does Your Home Require a Foundation Repair?

Foundation repair is an important part of home repair and home maintenance. Unfortunately, because the foundations are under the house, it can be difficult for non-professionals to judge exactly when their home requires foundation repair.

It’s easy if you conduct an inspection, but most people don’t have the tools to accomplish this, and don’t necessarily know what to look for during one. However, the following are some things that anyone can look for that are indicative of the need for home repair.

The first telltale is always tiles falling out of alignment or leaning on one another. If tiles that should be flat are beginning to appear at an angle, it usually means something below the floor is broken or misaligned. This usually implies a problem with the foundation. This is usually the easiest thing to find because it is not unlikely to cause people to trip or stub their toe. It’s a very inconvenient physical error to have in your flooring. If you see this, it’s probably a good idea to call Plano Foundation Repair or a similar company to have your foundation inspected and get an estimate for what will be necessary to repair it.

Doors hanging unevenly in door frames can be another indication. When this happens, it means something in the frame is out of alignment. Most often, this is the sides of the frame that are attached to the floor. This is less likely to be as inconveniencing as the floor tiles being out of alignment, as it tends only to result in the door sticking. This is not as much of a sure sign of a foundation problem.

Signs that the door may be uneven or out of alignment can seem a lot like the problems caused by inclement weather or a change in humidity. As a result, the best way to test this is usually with a level; if the wood is simply warping as a result of the climate, it will still be level. If it isn’t, it is more likely a problem with the foundation.

Foundation problems can cause long-term damage to your home and will almost always be caught on appraisal inspections if you intend to sell it. Foundation repair is thus a very important service for any homeowner. If you’re having issues like these in your home, call the specialists to case the situation and do what you need to.

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