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Budget and Finances: 5 Ways to Rack Up Cash Before the Year Ends

The best way to end 2013 and start 2014 with a bang is to ensure that you are debt-free and that you have some extra cash to spend for your new year plans – may it be to engage in a new hobby, a plan to travel, or to start a new business. If you are still thinking of a few easy ways to rack up cash before the year ends, here are five things you could try…

Money-Making Tip #: Get a Holiday Stall and Sell Something
Christmas is a few days away and this festive season is the perfect time to sell stuff. You can sell stuff which you made yourself or just something you bought somewhere else. The most ‘saleable’ stuff these days are Christmas food and gift items. You can get a stall and make and sell some pies, fruit cakes, cupcakes, and pastries. You can also sell items which you made yourself like lamps, photo frames, customized mugs, and the likes. You can also consider buying clothes and toys from a wholesale supplier and then selling them on your stall. Avoid selling things that would require too much effort from you. Stick with what’s easy to make (or buy) and easy to sell, and don’t forget to offer gift wrapping services!

Money-Making Tip # 2: Clean Up and Sell Your Clutter
Every year’s end is the perfect time to reflect on your home clutter, do a general cleaning of the house, and gather everything which you no longer need. Clean up, declutter – and make money from your ‘trash’. Try to look for old gadgets you might want to dispose of like old mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. You can sell these online. Gathering clothes and shoes that no longer fit you (or your taste) and putting these on sale via a garage sale or on eBay is also a good idea.

Money-Making Tip # 3: Rent out your House or One of Your Rooms
If you have a big, gorgeous house or flat, you might want to rent it out while you’re staying with your family or friends during the holidays. There are some websites where you can sign up and advertise your willingness to rent out your home for a few weeks each year. Just make sure that your house is insured against any accidental damage by those who will temporarily stay in it. You might also consider renting out your garage or your parking space, or even your front yard – if you have a nice garden where gatherings can be held.

Money-Making Tip # 4:Be a Holiday Freelancer
I know all of us want to take a break during the holidays but if you really want cash for 2014, make use of that extra free time to do more work and rack up cash. There are tons of individuals and and companies who are needing extra help with the holiday demands of their businesses and you can give a hand to them in exchange for a fair amount of cash. You can find interesting jobs online in sites like Freelancer, eLance, and oDesk. You can also check out local classified ads. If you feel like it, you can even get odd jobs from around your neighborhood.

Money-Making Tip # 5: Find Cash Online the Easy Way
If you don’t feel like doing any kind of hard work and you want to relax and have fun this holiday season, you can just use your computer, go online, and earn cash from completing surveys and doing reviews of app and music online. You can also consider trying out online gaming and winning some cash if you really have money to spare. If you are fond of some mobile, video, Facebook, or computer games, you can also spend your time playing and then consider selling your game user account or some ‘valuable’ game resources to avid players later on. I don’t really understand why – but apparently people are fond of trading real cash for virtual goods in games.

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