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Home and Living: Protecting Yourself from Home Security Scams

Whenever you’re looking at home alarm systems, you must be wary of salespeople who are more concerned with taking your money than they are about looking after your safety. During the spring and summer months especially, you might be visited by a traveling sales agent for an alarm or security company. Do not be swayed by their pressure tactics. It is of vital importance to avoid the purchase of a low quality alarm system riddled with unnecessary and ineffective features.  It is always better to shop around and take time in making important decisions about your family’s wellbeing and security.

Know Who You’re Talking To

Not every traveling sales agent will be out to scam you. Ask for his or her name, some form of identification, the company they represent, and what they are selling before they tell you anything else.  Save this information so you can follow up later.

What to Look Out For

Before you agree to purchase pool alarms, or any other type of alarms for that matter, take some time to think about how the agent approaches you. They might tell you that you need to act fast in order to take advantage of a limited time offer that includes perks like free equipment. In order to get that free equipment, you might have to agree to a long-term commitment or buy an expensive alarm system. Don’t be afraid to say that you aren’t interested. You can always ask a sales agent to leave. If possible, avoid inviting the sales agent into your home. Don’t be bullied by scare tactics that suggest – among other things – that there have been several burglaries in your area.

Homeowners With Home Security System Signs in Their Yard

If you already have a home security system sign in your yard, you’re unfortunately still at risk. A sales agent may pretend to be a representative from your current security company and that they’re at your home to either upgrade or replace your security system. The scammer might say that your security company has gone out of business and that they are there to take over the account. They might even try to make you purchase new equipment or sign new agreements on the spot. Always beware if someone tries to bully you into action on the spot without giving you time to consider.

Before you sign or buy anything, get in touch with your security company. In most cases you’ll receive a notification in the mail or a phone call if they are going out of business. If your security company isn’t going out of business, make sure that you tell them that someone is posing as one of their representatives in your neighborhood so that they can inform their other customers in your area.

If you’re positive that the sales agent is genuine, you should still look over the fine print to ensure you’re receiving the exact home alarms systems service you need. Don’t waste money on unnecessary pool alarms or other superfluous security features.

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