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Kids and Schooling: Back to school – Design your club flyers and leaflets for the new term

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Going back to school after the holidays is always exciting. Maybe you have decided that you want to try a new club or society this year. Most people like to have things put in front of them before they decide whether they are going to go for it or not. It needs to be something eye-catching and exciting to make people want to join. Nowadays, unless something is shown to someone, or it catches their eye, they may not be too bothered about going out to find the information itself. That’s why now, marketing and advertisements are more important than ever.

If you are thinking about creating a leaflet or flyer for a new club or society to try and recruit new members, going online for printing needs is a great place to start. Being able to personalize your flyers is perfect in this instance as you can create your colour themes, font and images around what you’re trying to promote. It needs to be fun, easy to read and have the information clearly for people to understand when and where it is, what time they need to be there, if they need to bring anything and so on. Continue reading