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How to Be Happy: Ten Ways Towards a Happier Me – Or You Too

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No.1  – Do only what you LOVE to do

Never do anything if you are just forced to do it, or if you just feel like you have no choice. Remember – before you start doing anything – you always have a choice – TO DO or NOT TO DO IT.  If you do anything that you don’t love doing – like getting a monotonous job, starting a crappy business, or marrying some guy you don’t really love – you will end up regretting that decision sooner or later and you will just fail and feel unhappy.

No. 2 – Stay away from people who bring you down

Stay away from people who pretend to be your friend just for the sake of having someone to boost their ego when they feel bad about themselves or when they just need someone to bring down so they can think highly of themselves. There are tons of bullies in disguise and if you feel like your supposed ‘friend’ is one of them – stay away! Try to surround yourself with people who love you – those who would encourage you to do your best and help and support you to reach your full potential. Continue reading