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Working at Home: What a WAHM Should Consider When Choosing a Broadband Package

Do you plan on working at home as an online freelancer? If yes, then you should get yourself a broadband package for your home office. Regardless of whether you will be working as a freelance writer, graphic artist, app developer, virtual assistant, web designer, social media manager or something else, you definitely need a reliable broadband package at home. Listed below are some of the things you need to consider when choosing an Internet service suitable for working at home, online…

Fast Connection Speeds

When you work at home, the speed of your broadband connection will greatly affect how much of work you’ll be able to do and therefore – to a great extent – the amount of money you’ll be making). So, you better invest in Internet packages that will make use of fibre-optic technology. Invest in Cable broadband packages that can provide connectivity of up to 50Mbps or more. I have to warn you that it is more expensive than ADSL though – so better subscribe to one only IF you really plan on going serious about working at home. Otherwise, you’ll be putting your money to waste.

Complete and Free Equipment Set-up

Choose a broadband package that offers free and complete equipment set-up. Most Internet service providers will provide you with a free modem and router, or sometimes a modern, router, plus other stuff for Ethernet cable connections IF you’d sign a binding contract that requires you to subscribe to their service for at least a year. Try to find offers like that. However, before you do sign anything, make sure that the service is reliable and that there are no hidden charges like maintenance fees and the likes.

Wireless Connectivity

Most ISPs provide WiFi packages, and for WAHMs, wireless connectivity is really advisable. With WiFi in your home, you’ll be able to do all sorts of things and attend to various household tasks at your home, with your gadget – without losing your broadband Internet connection. It also eliminates the need to trail wires all over the place. Wireless connectivity also allows you to set work anywhere – on your kitchen table, bed, to the garden, or even in your garage.

Reliable Customer Support Service

If you plan on working at home, you need to ensure that you can always count on your ISPs customer support service if ever something goes wrong with your net connection. Remember, losing your broadband connection right when you’re rushing for a very important project may result to losing a contract and not getting paid by your client. So, find ISPs that can provide reliable customer services – those who can respond as quickly as possible whenever you come across connection or hardware problems. Do check feedbacks and complaints posted online.

All the Other Stuff that goes with the Broadband Package

Moms love to get bundle deals and freebies. Thankfully, most broadband subscriptions come with all sorts of freebies. Take for example Virgin Media deals. They have a bundle broadband package that includes free installation for a super fast fibre optic broadband package – and that comes with a free phone line, free unlimited weekend calls to UK landlines, 0870 numbers and Virgin Mobile numbers, free TV 60+ cable channels, 5 HD channels, and a free 500GB TiVo box. There are all sorts of different bundle packages out there and you should try to find one that offers the stuff you will most benefit from – at the best price.

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