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Motherhood: Top Tips in Planning a Fun Girl’s Night In

I have written about how you can plan for a girl’s night out before and now, I think it’s only fair for me to make a post about a girl’s night in. Yup, a girls’ night out can be a lot of fun but a girls’ night in can be as fun if not even more enjoyable. It’s pretty much like your old high school sleep over – but it’s even more fun because you’re adults now. Here are some tips on how you can make it memorable…

Choosing the house and setting up the room

Pick a house that is free for the night – where the dad would be willing to watch the kids and the kids won’t really be all around you all for the night (Otherwise, stay in your own home. LOL). As for the room, think about your activities for the night. Make sure everyone will also be able to be able to relax and just be comfortable. If you plan on having drinks and food, set up a few tables in the room. If you want a comfy sleepover, have pillows and blankets for your friends. If you feel like it, set up decors.

Request everyone’s help with regards to food and drinks

The host doesn’t necessarily have to shoulder all the expenses. Hosting the girl’s night in can be a lot of work so it would be better if everyone would do a bit of everything. Guests should be assigned with different items to bring. Try to assign food and drinks to bring like wine, bread, desserts, cheese, and the likes. If you don’t feel like making a buzz about dinner and you don’t like all the preparation and the cooking sessions, then consider ordering in.

Think about your common hobbies and interests

When thinking about activities for a girl’s night in, consider choosing amongst you and your girls’ common hobbies and interests and/or mix them with something you haven’t done before. If you and your friends share a favourite pastime, you can dedicate your night in to a hobby you all enjoy. Among the most popular girl’s night in activities are the following:

Movie Marathon: Have a fun night of chick flicks, romcoms, or even horror movies if you feel like it. You can also try a marathon of your favourite TV series – The Walking Dead, Downton Abbey, Haven, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, and the likes.

Game Night: There are tons of games that you can play. You can try the old school Scrabble, Clue, and Monopoly. If you get a bit bored, then go online or try playing on your mobile devices. You can play old school poker or bingo altogether or you can try the more popular apps which are a big hit these days – Plants Vs. Zombies 2, Candy Crush, Clash of Clans, etc.

Book Club Discussions: If you’re bookworms, then this activity is definitely for you. Prior to your night in, pick a book that all of you would love and then on the night itself, talk about the characters, the plot, and more as you wine and dine.

Wine Tasting: Some girls would really love this. You can ask each of the guests to bring their favourite brand and flavour of wine – plus some crackers and cheese. On your night in, serve the wines available and let everyone try each.

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