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Home and Living: Maintaining and Preserving Your Wooden Deck

Everyone loves a home with a good old deck where one can set up chairs and a table for a relaxing barbecue afternoon. If you’ve got a wooden decking and you want it to remain a center of relaxation at your home for years, then you have to give it proper care and maintenance.

In general, wood decks – no matter if it is made from Cedar, Redwood or Southern Yellow Pine – will fade and rot easily if is exposed to environmental elements and it is left untreated, rarely cleaned, and never repaired or re-stained.

Maintaining and Cleaning Wooden Decks

Decks aren’t really hard to maintain and clean. Basically, dirt, grime, mildew or mold can build up on your deck but you just have to do a scrub down with a brush or a power hose at least thrice a year to remedy this. The power-sprayer is the best tool for this but if you don’t have one, you can always opt for a scrub brush and warm, soapy water. Once you have thoroughly scrubbed the deck’s surface and removed the mold and mildew, rinse the deck with a water hose to remove any residue.

Resealing or Re-Staining your Deck

Aside from scrubs, you should also reseal, repaint, or re-stain your deck at least once a year or as often as necessary. You can use the same decking stain or choose a new one. Either way, you need to remove the old finish or seal using a stripper or stain remover, and then sand it. After sanding the deck and removing the dust and debris, it’s time for you to choose the perfect stain or finish that would suit the wood material, and the design you have in mind.

When buying a decking stain, make sure that you get is meant for the outdoors and that it can protect the wood from the environmental elements. Go for decking stains that offer UV filters, thus preventing wood fading and greying. Also, choose waterproof stains that will protect decking against scuffs, scratches, cracking, and peeling. You can try Ronseal decking stains, which offer touch-dry beautifully coloured and protected decks in just 90 minutes.

You might also want to try deck oil finishing such as the Ronseal Decking Oil. Oil or oil-stain finish restores the natural oils your wood deck has lost due to element-exposure. These deck oils are also scuff-resistant and waterproof, and they offer UV protection.

When using deck oil, make sure you apply it when the wood is exposed in full sun because high temperature rates will decrease the viscosity of the oil and you’ll end up with thick, uneven applications.

Use a foam brush, a polyester brush, or a staining pad to apply the sealant to the wood. Work quickly so you would not end up having a deck with uneven dry streaks of paint or finish. Your deck will probably need two or three very thin coatings of the deck oil or stain for excellent protection.

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