Relationships and Marriage: A Few Steps Back Before Marriage – Prepping Your Designer Engagement Ring

So you’re planning to propose to the girl of your dreams and you’ve got everything planned? You’ve got the perfect skit, the perfect venue, the perfect music, and the perfect team of surprise-makers but wait? – do you have the perfect ring?

If you have not found the perfect ring just yet, you may want to take a look at Ritani rings. Ritani rings are exquisitely detailed and perfectly finished handcrafted designer engagement rings.

When you buy your engagement ring, just be sure that you collect it days before the proposal and make sure that you place it on a very safe place, and in the hands of people that you trust. Be very careful where you put the ring on the actual day of your proposal. I actually have a friend who lost the engagement ring on his most awaited day. Fortunately for him, the ring is insured. So, when you buy your own ring, make sure that it also comes with a comprehensive insurance that will cover loss or damage – especially when it comes to the stone.

Another thing that you should be concerned about is the way you’d present the ring. Come up with the most creative, perfect presentation you can think of.  You might want to find inspiration from proposal videos online or you can just think of what will make the biggest impression on your girlfriend. Surely, you would want your diamond ring to stand out and amaze your wife-to-be (if she says yes).

Among the diamond rings that you might want to check out are the Verragio rings. Verragio rings come in a wide variety of styles but they all have a dedicated focus on the centerpiece diamond so the designs on the metal will make the precious stone stand out.

If you are going to buy a diamond ring, ask for a certificate of authenticity and a warranty from the jewelry store. Rings with diamonds usually come with a certificate if they have more than 1 carat. That certificate will tell you where did your diamond originate – and it will prove that what you have is a real, legit diamond stone. If your ring has smaller diamonds, you would probably need to pay a big amount to get a certificate for it.

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