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How to Make Your Kids Do Household Chores this School Break

School break. It is the perfect time to relax a bit and get a bit of help with the household chores from your kids, right? Kids should be asked to help clean up the home and more – not just for the sake of the moms but also for their own (and I’m not saying this because I’m a mom).

When I was young, I got my own fair share of household work (and probably more), and I must say that it benefited me well. Doing household chores taught me to be responsible and capable. I learned how to prioritize and organize, and well, I learned how to survive and be independent. Doing things at home also prepared me for my mommyhood.

Experts also say that involving kids in household responsibilities help in teaching them confidence, responsibility, and independence, as well as other ‘life skills’. Your kids should learn that life is not just about sleep, play, school, friends, and themselves – and the perfect time to start making them realize more of this is during school break.

Now, let’s say I’ve convinced you of letting your kids take part in household chores. So the problem now is how to make your kids do their ‘job. Here are some ways to convince them – apart from telling them that they should.

Let your kids choose which chore they will be responsible for.

Would they want to load the dishwasher or vacuum the carpet? Would they want to set the table or water the plants? You’re your kids choose chores that are closely related to what they love doing. For example, if your kid likes flowers and fruits, ask her to help with the garden. If he loves to eat, engage him in cooking. Let your kids choose the chores they want to deal with but make sure every kid gets the same number of chores and make sure that they can really perform each chore.

Let your kids reap rewards from doing their chores.

Rewards can come in various forms. You can give extra TV time or extra time outside with friends. You can download more mobile apps or buy extra game chips for their gaming consoles. You can also let them earn from their cleaning. For example, when your kid cleans his closet and toy chest, have him gather the things he no longer needs and put those in a garage sale. Another option would be to let your kid gather old cds, dvds, mobile phones, mobile consoles, and other tech stuff and sell these things online. Of course, one essential award your kid should be getting is your Praise.

Make the chore less of a chore by adding an element of joy to it.

How? Turn on an upbeat music when it’s time for work. If you have many kids, you can make “chore time” a game. Give a prize to the one who finishes first, who is most resourceful, most thorough, and the likes. If your kid is still young, you might want to make a song for every chore she is tasked with. Sing a song about her fixing the bed, watering the plants, etc. You might also want to do role-playing. Make your kid the “Dirt Inspector”, the “Mess Buster”, and the likes.

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