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Family Holidays and Traveling: A Guide to Taking Children Abroad

We go on holiday to get away from everyday life, take a break from the routine, and indulge in a bit of me-time.

But for families with young children, the prospect of upsetting their routine can prevent many parents from holidaying with the little ones. There’s no denying that children demand attention 24/7, and there’s no guarantee that your holiday will be without its fair share of tears and tantrums.

However, by planning ahead and getting organised, you can make sure you have as relaxing a week as possible with the whole family.

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Young children’s lives are governed by routine, and when this routine is disrupted, it can often negatively impact behaviour.

When on holiday, it’s easy to slip out of routine. When parents start advocating different bedtime and meal times, a toddler starts to think that they can behave differently from when at home too.

Try to keep your children in as strict a routine as possible, at least for the first few days, to allow them to settle into ‘holiday time’. This will help them to understand that the same rules apply, and their behaviour should settle after a few days.

What to pack

  • Backpacks are great for kids to take on holiday. Not only does it even out distribution of things to carry when the family takes a trip down to the beach, but they can also use their backpack around the hotel pool so you’re not constantly venturing up and down to the room.
  • Kids love being in the pool and will probably spend a good few hours in there a day. It’s a good idea to pack at least two swimsuits per child and a few pairs of armbands if they can’t swim in case of puncture!
  • There will be some time, for example, when you’re getting ready to go out either in the morning or at night, when the kids are cooped up in the hotel room with nothing to do. Pack a couple of compact items, such as a hand-held games console or tablet, to keep them entertained.
  • Don’t forget the comforter! This goes without saying, but if your child needs their favourite cuddly toy to settle, remember to take it with you. Otherwise the holiday probably won’t be relaxing for anyone!
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