Cars and Driving: The Best Ford Cars in 2013

Remember when the only way to have air conditioning while driving was to roll down the windows? How about the radio with lots of AM stations, but only one good FM station with music your parents hated? Thank goodness for those who dare to dream about sleek rides equipped with comfortable seats, cd players and lots of style!

Fiesta and the Mondeo, Modern Ford Classics

Driving doesn’t have to be a chore. The new Ford Mondeo gives drivers a chance to experience the road in a award winning car that hugs the road with agility and numerous safety features. Open the door and slide into luxurious seating. With a push of a button, watch the instrument panel come alive to customize a unique driving experience.

Ford Motor Company is a leader in dependable cars and customer care. With top overall ratings, the Ford Fiesta stands out as versatile and stylish. The Fiesta Sedan is compact yet sporty. With four doors and a comfortable interior, the Ford Fiesta has a roomy interior and lots of storage space. The Fiesta is also available in a hatchback making loading and unloading a pleasure. It’s easy to zip around town listening to music with control buttons located directly on the steering wheel.

Deciding which car to buy is an exciting experience. The Ford Mondeo begs to be driven with a sharp exterior and innovative headlights. The interior has smooth stitching and classic luxury seating. The Ford Fiesta is compact and fun. With two styles available, running errands or driving the kids from place to place has never been easier. The verdict? Both cars are great wheather you are single or have a family. The Ford Mondeo will impress your date and turn heads while the Ford Fiesta will save money on gas and the interior is roomy enough for a big dog to enjoy a little fresh air while driving to the next important destination.

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