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On Businesses: Pinterest is A Lucrative Sales Tool for Furniture Stores

More and more companies are using social media platforms to maximise their marketing efforts. In such a tech-savvy world, it is imperative for businesses to utilise modern technology, to cater to consumer’s ever growing needs.

Pinterest is rising in popularity as a viable podium, especially for furniture-based retailers. What is it? According to the site, it is “a content sharing service that allows members to “pin” images, videos and other objects to their pinboard.”

Consumers can share images and therefore it is a fantastic way for firms to promote their products online. Millions of people use the site every month and it is the fourth most popular social networking site in the world.

  • How can you use it?

All of the images are ‘pinned’ on various boards. Let’s take a look at living room furniture as an example.


Here you can see several chairs, coffee tables, sofas, and artwork that consumers can ‘like’ and ‘re-pin’. People can comment on the image, as well as share it on their Facebook profile, if it is connected to their personal page.

And the same applies for bedroom furniture; here you can see images of bedding, kids’ bedrooms, beds, mirrors, wardrobes, drawers and vanity stools.


So if you sell any of these items, you could get your product ‘pinned’ on one of these boards.

  • Why is it so important?

Pinterest can drive some serious traffic to your brand; it is accumulating more traffic than LinkedIn, MySpace and Google+ combined. It has often been claimed that it is women that take the role of buying furniture for the home, and  it is estimated that 97% of Pinterest users are female.

The most populist items re-pinned in 2012 included home decorating and a bedroom closet, which got almost 26,000 re-pins.

So as you can see, Pinterest is a very lucrative sales tool for furniture stores. If you sell sofas, chairs and dining tables, are you on it? If you aren’t, you might want to get with the programme. If you need help setting up a business account, check out this useful guide.

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