On Businesses: Six Things You Should Look For in a Virtual Office Provider

More people are starting businesses this year, and they are realizing the importance of having a professional image. Consider finding a virtual office provider to improve the image of your business. Here are some stuff you should look for in a virtual office provider…

1. Affordable Rates

Virtual office space is desirable because it is inexpensive. You can obtain a premium virtual office and an exclusive address for as low as $50 per month. These offices are located in some of the best cities in the world. The affordable rates make office ownership and a professional image possible. Many virtual office providers are available to offer these types of services.

2. Answering Call Center Services

Answering call center services also improve an organization’s image. Studies show that 75% of incoming callers hang up the phone if they reach an answering machine. For this reason, it is best to have a call answering service. The call answering service features a live person on the other end who can take a message for the office. This person is professional and can handle most calls without the owner present.
Call center answering services are beneficial if the company decides to expand to another country. Instead of trying to conduct business with a language barrier, hire call center employees of the same language as your customers.

3. Virtual Receptionist

A virtual receptionist can help business owners complete tasks. Tasks may consist of faxing, copying, scheduling or other small tasks that a virtual receptionist may handle aside from answering phones. Virtual receptionists are a great asset to have in an office environment.

4. Exclusive Address

Exclusive addresses make companies look more professional. Professional companies sell more products and services. Consider an exclusive Manhattan address or a San Jose address to make your company appear more prestigious and professional. Many companies will select an exclusive address to impress customers.

5. Access to Conference Rooms and Workspace

Virtual office space providers offer customers access to conference rooms and workspace. This workspace can help business people look more professionals. Conference rooms often have access to projectors and conference call equipment. This equipment is essential to a successful business meeting. This equipment is often not available in the home.

6. On-Site Amenities

Many virtual office providers provide some of the best amenities. When customers walk into the lobby, it should be business worthy. Broadband Internet and advanced phone features are a necessity in virtual offices. Conference calling, video conferencing, and fax, copier and printer services are all vital amenities that should be included in virtual office provider packages. Kitchenettes are another desirable amenity.

Identify the Best Virtual Office Providers

When you find a virtual office provider with all of the desired amenities, you can commit to the office. Each office costs a different amount depending on the address and the services provided. Search to find the most economical virtual office provider in your price range.

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