Car Swap: Toyota Vios 2006

Remember my last post about the silver Honda Jazz 2005? Well, we had it swapped for a Toyota Vios 2006 and a hefty sum of cash just before 2012 ended 🙂 The new owner really liked it and he didn’t mind adding money for it so we gave it a go. It was a really good deal and that good deal paved the way for us having a new iPad.

We used majority of the added sum for repairs and car improvements though. We had its steel rims changed to a much better pair of Linea mags, and then we had the typical grill changed, and we added fog lights, duct tail, and a front chin – plus some stickers… and then hubby – as always – removed the tint and had the car lowered. We also had the front bumper changed and the headlights – plus we had one of the tail lights repaired. The whole front and back was also repainted too – and we even bought a Black & Decker orbital polisher so we could always DIY auto-detailing – the easier way.

So what’s good about the Toyota Vios? I think Honda cars offer more space inside but the Vios has more ‘pockets’ – and its stock stereo and speakers have better sound. What I like most about it was that the Vios 1.3 was very very fuel efficient. Among all the cars we’ve used, this 1.3 Vios is definitely No. 1 in fuel efficiency. I have to remind you that the Honda Jazz we had and Toyota Vios both have 1.3 engines but it seems like if they had the same amount of gasoline, the Vios will deliver half or a third more miles than the Jazz.

I hope we can sell it at a good price and also get another unit. We’re still on the hunt but we plan on getting either a Honda ESI or a Honda hatchback – whatever we can get at a good price for reselling.

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  • Jerome

    Hi, inquire ko lang po is this is still available? Ty