Car Reviews: Focus & Ka – Ford’s Flagship Vehicles

As a smart car buyer, you might be wondering about the Ford Focus and the Ford Ka. What do these vehicles have to offer the average consumer? You might ask. Both of these vehicles have been massively successful for the Ford company, and each year, they are only getting more advanced in technology and features. The Ford company made a great decision when they decided to design these vehicles.

What The Ford Focus Offers

The Ford Focus has a somewhat sporty style. Many people will also admire the fact that it is well within budget range. Most people cannot afford an over-the-top sports car because of the hefty price tag. However, the Ford Focus is even affordable to the people who have a lower income.

The acceleration of this vehicle is also outstanding. For example, you can go from 0-60 in 6.2 seconds. The fuel consumption is fantastically economical, coming in at around 6.151 litres per 100 km. You can save a lot of money long-term on gasoline with this car.

The Ford Focus is intended to be used as a small family vehicle, and you have the option of a 4-door sedan. The Ford Focus has a four cylinder engine.

Ford Focus: Giving The Japanese A Run For Their Money

American vehicles sometimes have a difficult time competing with Japanese vehicles. The majority of the time, the features and benefits of purchasing a Japanese vehicle are simply better. However, this has not been so with the Ford Focus; in fact, the Ford Focus was built so outstandingly well that it even
rivals many of the Japanese vehicles.

What The Ford Ka Brings To The Table

The Ford Ka is not just any old ka on the road (Pun intended!). No, the Ford Ka offers a funky style that has been wildly popular in the United Kingdom. This devilishly good looking vehicle sets a new standard for small cars. You might be wondering, how is the Ford Ka setting a new standard for small cars? To start, you have automatic parking sensors, which give an alert letting you know when you have come too close to the curb.

Also the Ford Ka is highly economical in its fuel consumption. With the Ford Ka, you will find that it only consumes an average of around 4.1 litres per 100 km.

The Ford Focus and the Ford Ka are two examples of American innovation at its finest. What you will get with these vehicles is convenience, economical gas consumption and a vehicle with cutting edge technology. What is there not to love about the Ford Focus and the Ford Ka?

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