Car Review: Toyota Corolla Lovelife GLi 1998

After stretching our budget after Yana’s hospitalization because of gastroentiritis (will blog about this on my health blog), we were still able to get ourselves a second unit – a Toyota Corolla GLi, Lovelife 1998 earlier this month.

According to Wikipedia, The Toyota ‘Lovelife’ model (AE111, based on its CR) has Toyota Corolla Levin and Toyota Sprinter Trueno as its counterparts in other countries – though the headlights look a bit different, and so is the shape of the front bumper. Anyhow, the Lovelife is pretty much the ‘improved version’ of the Toyota Corolla ‘Small Body’ and ‘Big Body’. It’s the one with the face-lift. I think it pretty much offers the same size and space as that of the ‘Small Body‘… or maybe it’s a bit more cramped – with little leg room.

It’s a bit disappointing in terms of space but it’s a better looking car, compared to older versions of the Corolla. It has that distinct European look, and a lot of car lovers love the Euro-look (though the local ones we have here do not have the rounded headlights which was used for the Euro version). The Love life we got runs on 4E-FTE engine with a 1.6L fuel injected motor. It’s turbocharged but not as fuel efficient as the Small Body we owned before (AE92) and the Toyota Vios we have now (runs on 1.3 VVTi). It also has ABS – and that’s a plus for me considering that I’m now learning to drive.

— And just a bit of Trivia – I’ve read in some forums that this model has been dubbed as a ‘Lovelife’ because the commercial for this Corolla had a ‘Love life’ tag on it.

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