What To Do After a Car Accident

A week ago, we almost had a car accident. There was this guy in a motorcycle who tried to beat the red light and our car almost hit him. Fortunately, hubby was quick to hit the brakes. After that incident, I couldn’t help but think about what could have happened and thus, I had to come up with this post.

Things Car Owners Must Do Immediately After an Auto Accident

  • Try to stay calm and breathe. Check for injuries – and check with your passengers too. Even if you don’t see wounds or bruises, if somebody got his/her head bumped on a hard surface or if you are, in any way, in doubt that you or your passengers are injured – call an ambulance.
  • If the accident is minor and nobody was injure, move your cars out of traffic and turn your hazard lights on. If you’ve got flares or warning cones, use them.

  • Call the police and your insurance agent. Call your lawyer if you would need one too.
  • Never sign any documents without reading and understanding the text properly and thoroughly.
  • After the accident, write down everything you recall about what happened. List all the damages your car had and all the injuries you and your passengers suffered from. If you have a camera with you, take pictures.
  • Find witnesses and list down their contact details. You may need their help.
  • If your car crashed on another vehicle, do list down the car’s registration details, as well as the name and the contact information of the driver.
  • Do not admit that the car accident was entirely your fault even if you assume that it is – especially if the other party is pushing you to do so. It may not be your fault at all. If you really think that you should be blamed, check the CCTV traffic video clips first. Also, be the last to leave the accident scene if you can.
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