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Kitchen Stuff: Preparing Sauces and Sides

If you are ready to prepare mouthwatering sauces and sides for your meals, you should start out with a good saucepan and a couple of cast iron pans. These can help you cook at even temperatures across the bottom of your cookware and get the restaurant quality-results you desire. Delicious sauces like traditional country brown gravy need even temperatures to prevent lumps when you first pour in milk or water, and nothing smells worse than the perfect breakfast side of bacon burning because your old skillet is not up to the job.

Improved cast iron pans with convenient soft, low temperature grips help you avoid accidental burns when handling them. Enamel coatings to prevent rust make maintaining your cookware less of a hassle. For all of the benefits these pans offer you, issues with food sticking can arise. To avoid this when crafting your sides and entrées, cook with slightly lower temperatures and frequently move the food around.

When cooking with cast iron pots and pans, make sure that you use a light non-stick spray, oil, butter or margarine to coat the bottom surface to start. To make the perfect sauce for your meal, start with a non-stick saucepan. Whether you want the aforementioned country gravy, a hot mushroom sauce, caramel for dessert or any of the thousands of unique pasta dressings, the non-stick surface helps you avoid nasty burns and keeps your super sauce smooth and easy to pour. Regular stirring and medium heat rather than high heat also helps keep your sauce just the right consistency.

Cooking the best sauces and sides is no problem when you have the right cookware in your kitchen. With even distribution of heat and simple practice with your favorite recipes, the meals should cook perfectly every time.

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