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Fairyhobmother Presents: Top 15 Must-Haves in Every Kitchen in Small Apartments

My sisters are now in college and they are planning to rent an apartment – or rather a small room for rent – somewhere in between the universities they’re attending. I still do not know if our mom would let them rent on their own… but they’ve been asking me to help them prepare a list of the stuff they’ll be needing once they move out.

Most rooms for students already have beds and cabinets so aside from their clothes, their things for school and their personal hygiene stuff, I decided that I should be listing the stuff they would need for a small kitchen. You’ll also need this list of kitchen appliances and tools if you or any of your family members is planning to move out and rent a small apartment…

15 Things Every Small Kitchen Must Have

  • A frying pan – for eggs, hotdogs, ham, pork chops, and other easy-fry meals
  • A big pot – for cooking soup or for boiling pasta
  • A small pot – for cooking sauce, gravy, etc.
  • An electric kettle – for morning or midnight coffee or hot choco, or for instant noodles
  • A sharpened chef’s knife – for slicing, dicing, and mincing whatever
  • A cutting board – so tabletops won’t be damaged
  • A spatula – to flip hamburger patties, just like Spongebob
  • A big wooden spoon – for sautéing, mixing, and more.
  • Bowls, cups, and plates – for mixing, preparing, drinking, and eating
  • Spoons, fork, and breadknife – must-have utensils for a civilized way of eating
  • Food storage containers – so the meals won’t be spoiled and the refrigerator space can be maximized.
  • A can opener – so cans can be opened in just 10 seconds or less without the need to exhibit superb camping skills. lol
  • A toaster oven – to cook and reheat meals
  • Hot plate – to replace oven range or stoves and cook almost anything.
  • Small refrigetor – to prolong the life of the food, to make salads and refrigerator cakes 😀

I found this cute Whirlpool Fridge at appliancesonline.co.uk. It’s just about 24 inches in height but it’s got a number of layers and rows inside which would make food storing easy. If they would really move out of mom’s house this semester, I wish I could get them this little fridge soon.

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  • Out of all these, I think the most important is the can opener. We tend to forget buying those and it’s a must have for every kitchen.