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Decorate Your Home with Live Flowers

Most moms (or most women, in general) love flowers and we not only adore flowers. Instead, we also want to use flowers in decorating our homes.

When I was young, I used to decorate my bedroom with real flowers. I place them on a vase, beside my bed so I could immediately see them when I wake up. I don’t know why but seeing blooming flowers instantly brightens up my day. So, when my kids get a bit bigger and I can start decorating the home with fragile stuff, I would definitely want to put flowers in all the right places, in every room.

I don’t really like artificial flowers. I want live ones. Live flowers are affordable (although you’d have to buy them over and over again – unless you plan on growing them in your garden or you plan on growing them on the vase), and they also have original, natural scents. Live flowers also have more vibrant colors – and well, they’re more alive, more natural, and more memorable than artificial ones. Live flowers like Interflora flowers can also add drama to your home. It makes your home not just look – but also feel cozier.

If you plan on decorating your room or your home with flowers, you should consider the space available, the colors present, and the furnishings in each room. You can use the flower decors to make a spot, corner, or any furniture piece the center of attention. Flowers can also create a sense of balance in the design of any room.

In using live flowers as decorations, you should also consider the overall style and design of your room. If your home has contemporary design, combine orchids or a single bird of paradise bloom with small flowers in a simple white, black, or clear, long, and slender vase (or pick something which has bold crafting) – and skip the greens. In contrast, you have to go with dahlias, daisies, tulips – try to play with oranges, yellows, and pinks – and maybe a bit of something lilac – and place them on baskets.

For more inspiration, let me show you some pictures of shops adorned by flowers creatively prepared and arranged by expert florists in London. Below are fab photos – all from the web and not mine – from the weeklong “Sloane in Bloom” event at Sloan Square in London.

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