Simple Ways to Bond With Your Children

Parents can get so preoccupied with work to the point that they can make their kids feel that they no longer pay them any attention and that they no longer have time for them. When this happens, there is a high chance that the kid would engage in highly unproductive and risky activities such as skipping school, trying out drugs, and more. That is why we, as parents, should never lose sight of what should be our top priority – the family. We should learn to balance our responsibilities at work and at home, and see to it that we can provide our kids with what they need – not just with the material things and the basic food, shelter, clothing, and proper education. We should also think of ways to ensure that get all the quality time and bonding they need from us.

Okay, I know. This is easier said than done… but let me help you get started…

  • Share at least one but preferably two meals with your kid every day. You may have to leave very early for breakfast but make sure you get home early, in time for dinner. Do not read on the table and do not use your mobile phone while eating.
  • If you can, drive your kid to school and talk about how his/her yesterday went and what would happened today, or just let your kid talk and pay attention and listen. Turn off your phone for a while and enjoy the drive with your kid. It will also be better if you can fetch your kids from school – although I know that’s very unlikely with a 9-6 work schedule – plus traffic.
  • When you have free time – or when you have the chance to not work like on holidays and weekends, try your best to spend your time with your family. If you can, go on a short vacation or just go camping, or go somewhere your kids would be delighted such as amusement parks, national parks, kid museums, and the likes.
  • If you have young kids, read to them at night, tuck them to bed, and kiss them goodnight before you relax and recreate for yourself. The same goes in the morning. If you can, help prepare their lunchbox and kiss them goodbye before you leave for work.
  • Do household chores with them like cleaning the room, washing the dishes, setting up the table, taking care of the garden, walking the dog, fixing the furniture, etc.
  • Share your hobbies with them or share their hobbies. Try out the sport that your kid engages in or just be their biggest fan during their games. In addition, let them try yours for as long as it’s appropriate for their age. For example, you can’t let them try riding a Vanetino-type big bike not until they’re 16 or better yet, 18 – and you’re thoroughly convinced that they are responsible enough and that they can handle the consequences of they’re actions. However, you can teach them how to play golf, how to ride a bike, and how to bake and cook.
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