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Five Reasons Why You Should Stay At Home This Summer

If you’re a stay at home mom and you work at your own time, chances are you’ll celebrate summer like your kid – by vacationing and going out a lot. However, let me persuade you to do otherwise. I’m not saying that you can’t go on a vacation. However, I suggest that you DON’T completely spend your whole summer outdoors and here are some reasons why.

Reason No. 1: It’s Too Hot-Hot-Hot outside! Stay indoors or feel the wrath of a heatwave! lol. Summer is getting hotter than ever and with it comes tons of health risks. Don’t let yourself suffer from sunburn, dehydration, dry skin, and other skin irritations and health problems. Don’t let your kids suffer the same.

Reason No. 2: There are tons of fun summer activities that you can do indoors especially if you have loads of free time in your hands. You can have your home spa, you can invite your friends over and have a party, a movie-marathon, or a cook-off. You can also go online and video chat or do a conference with friends and relatives you haven’t been able to talk to while you were very busy. You can also play chess and other board games, or if you’re no longer thrilled by ‘classic’ games, then try playing on Facebook, GameHouse, MatchMove, and more.

Reason No. 3: Summer is the time to Rest and Relax. For a mom who has worked hard throughout the whole school year, summer is the perfect time to relax so get tons of sleep while you can and spend more time in your bedroom. If you want, do more of your bubble baths, experiment more with your hair, and pamper yourself more by getting a home massage or spa service. Also, since your kids don’t have to go to school, perhaps they can lend you a hand in doing the household chores right?

Reason No. 4: Now is your chance to reinvent yourself and learn new things – and you can do these both at home. You can start reading books again. If you love to cook, get yourself a new cookbook and get busy in your kitchen. You can also try to learn a new language, learn to play an instrument, learn how to use a new software so you can sharpen up your skills, or even start a new home business like selling online.

Reason No. 5: Summer is the time to clean up. I know. We hate it but we have to deal with it. Lol. Instead of going on a vacation right ahead, ask your kids to first clean up their rooms and throw away the stuff they won’t need for the coming school year. They can also do a garage sale if they want to. As for you, you can clean up the kitchen, get your kids to help you with the garden, and perhaps do a midyear general house cleaning or renovate certain parts of your home. After wards, you can reward the whole family with a fancy summer vacation.

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