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Trial and Error: Weight loss experiments

What weight loss solutions have you already tried? In my case, I know exercising is still the best way for me to lose weight but given my toxic work and mommying schedule, I find it hard to follow my supposed daily work-out sched (or maybe I just lack the proper motivation).

Anyway, the lack of the willingness to exercise daily prompted me to try out two slimming solutions. The first that I tried is the Perfect Figure Slimming Capsule. This was recommended by a friend and since it’s natural and it didn’t cost much, I figured it was worth trying. This slimming capsule primarily helps us lose weight by reducing our food cravings. In fact, when I tried it, I didn’t felt like eating anymore. I could probably go the whole day without eating anything with it. However, since I have ulcer and I didn’t want to die (lol), I still ate thrice a day in very small portions while I was taking it.

While taking that Perfect Capsule twice a day (as indicated in its ‘prescription’), I also exercised tremendously – about 30 minutes every day and true to its promise, I did lose weight. I lost 15 pounds in two weeks. The problem however was that I found myself unproductive after 12 days of use. Because of the sudden reduction of the amount of calories and other nutrients that I consume every day, I think my body had this tendency to ‘hibernate’ – meaning I slept a lot – about ten hours of sleep each day on my second week. Aside from sleeping a lot, I was technically sleepy and weak throughout the whole day even when exercising should have made me feel more energetic.

Another problem with it was that if I missed a pill, I had these ‘withdrawal’ side effects. Whenever I missed taking a pill or if there was delay (more than 24 hour gap) in taking the next pill, I find myself itchy and I develop rashes. I don’t know if this is because my skin is sensitive or if this is the supposedly natural diet pill’s side effect to all so I stopped taking it after 20 days.

That being said, I tried to switch to another highly recommended weight loss solution – the Leisure 18 Slimming Coffee. Unlike the Perfect Figure Slimming Capsule, this slimming coffee made me feel energetic throughout the day and I didn’t feel I needed to sleep – AT ALL. There was also a significant reduction in my food cravings. What I didn’t like about it however, is that it sometimes made me palpitate and it gave me headaches (probably because I lacked sleep). I stopped drinking it after 4 days of use.

I’m still on the lookout for a better weight loss solution (and I’ll probably go back to plain exercises soon).

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