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Cat Rabies, Flu, Expenses, Blessings

For the past few days or weeks, this family has braved some challenges and we were able to overcome such. First, there was this home “flu pandemic” – all of us (except for hubby) had flu and fever. Antibiotics, paracetamol, vitamins, juices. They can get expensive – but thank you Lord we got better.

A week – or just a few days after all of us got better however, this family now has to deal with cat rabies. Hubby got bitten by one, and Yana was clawed (I sooo hate cats now – even Garfield and Hello Kitty!)

Anti rabies vaccines. They are just so expensive. Haist. We first went to a Private Hospital to consult and each of the four sessions of vaccination would cost roughly Php2,500. So, we opted to go to San Lazaro Hospital (which was far from home)… They charge roughly Php1000 to Php1400 per session (depending on the weight, cat bite location, needed dosage of the patient)- and the amount can be reduced significantly if you could find someone to share the Anti Rabies vial with. In our case, hubby and Yana could share it but they weren’t able to entertain us because we came to their hospital late night (midnight) and their Out Patient Department was already closed (They accept OPD patients under Animal Bites Section from 8am to 3pm only). Note however, that their ER department is open 24 hours and they can admit patients with animal bites if they were bitten anywhere from the the neck up (Hubby’s cat bite was just on his leg). The nurses from San Lazaro then referred us to a public hospital that was nearer our home – Dr Jose N. Rodriguez Memorial Hospital in Tala.

We went there yesterday and they charge only Php21 for the Anti-Tetanus vaccine and Php750 for every Anti-Rabies vaccine (each cat bite patient has to have four sessions – and patients can’t share vials). I was surprised however that before you could consult a nurse or a doctor, you first have to REGISTER and get an ID and that ID will cost you Php110. The cashier actually wanted to charge additional Php10 – and for what? An ‘ID Jacket”… gosh. The next session has to be done anytime between Monday to Wednesday.

In public hospitals, you have to get the prescription note from your doctor for the anti-tetanus and anti-rabies vaccine, go to pharmacy to ‘order’ the meds and wait for the receipt slip, go to the cashier office to pay for the receipt slip, go back to the pharmacy to get the meds, and then finally, go back to the doctor (or intern) so they could give the meds to you (via injections, etc.)

Right now, we have already exhausted our finances (because we also had to have the car fixed plus some parts replaced, and on top of that, I bought a sofa set before the sudden but immediate expenses showed up) so I’m trying to work double time. I’m thankful that the Lord has blessed us immensely over the past few months – or for years – and I really pray that He’d continue to bless and guide us all the way.

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