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My ArtsCow Photobook is Here!

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Actually I got it last week but I was able to take pictures of it only now. I’m happy it has FINALLY arrived though the charm watch which should have been delivered weeks before this one is still missing ( I HATE YOU NOVALICHES and CALOOCAN CITY POST OFFICES), and so is my box of toys from Sis Joy.

Anyway, here’s my photobook which displays our 1st 1000 days together – me, hubby, and the princesses. It starts with me and hubby – and the promise, and then came Yana…

and then after a year with Yana, we were then blessed more, with our twins Ysha and Yza…

and then we had more adventures together – including getting married…

I was a bit surprised with the small size but the quality of the paper and printing is really nice. I will definitely order more photobooks and other stuff from artscow soon – that is if I settle things with our local post office here. They really have to find my missing stuff.

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Surfing the Web with Ease

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When surfing the web, we need speed. Now aside from a reliable, fast internet connection, we can only get that speed if we have a good computer and if we use a fast browser. Among the top browsers available – Internet Explorer, FireFox, Opera, and Google Chrome, I love Google Chrome the most because it’s the fastest. I also enjoy most of its extensions.

Right now, I have these installed in my browser: SEO Status (to check PR and Alexa), Word and Character Count, Quickrr Notepad (to list down my tasks and monitor what I’ve already accomplished),, Google Dictionary (useful when blogging and you’re at lost for words or unsure about something), and Facebook Notification (You know why 😀 ). I also use the bookmark and auto-fill form options a lot. These make blogging, surfing, and researching easier for me.

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I’ve also come across the Zugo Toolbar. The Zugo StartNow Toolbar lets you instantly conduct multimedia search and it allows you to instantly access your social media networking sites – Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. You can also customize it so you can use it to readily access your favorite websites. It is also easy to Uninstall Zugo toolbar. If you’re using IE, you can uninstall Zugo from the Programs & Features (from the Control Panel’s Program menu). If you’re using other browsers, then you can uninstall the Zugo toolbar from the Extensions list.