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My Horrid Stretchmarks

What’s that part of my body I’m not that proud of? The answer: My tummy. It’s not because I no longer have my 25 inch waistline. It’s because it has plenty of stretch marks – and I mean PLENTY. While other people read strivectin sd reviews because they worry about wrinkles, here I am trying to find ways to reduce the horrid appearance of my stretch marks.

I’ve read about Microdermabrasion wherein they use crystals to polish the skin and promote the growth of new skin cells. I’ve also stumbled upon Excimer laser which promotes the production of melanin in your skin so the light stretch marks will become less visible. There are also the Fractional photothermolysis and pulsed dye laser therapy which promotes the growth of collagen and elastin but these treatments are not that effective for old stretchmarks (mine’s only a year old though). All of these stretch mark solutions are very tempting to try if they weren’t that expensive. Haay.

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