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My Horrid Stretchmarks

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What’s that part of my body I’m not that proud of? The answer: My tummy. It’s not because I no longer have my 25 inch waistline. It’s because it has plenty of stretch marks – and I mean PLENTY. While other people read strivectin sd reviews because they worry about wrinkles, here I am trying to find ways to reduce the horrid appearance of my stretch marks.
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Wednesday Whites: The Sweetest Cake Ever

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Let me just say first that I like this Meme 🙂 I am loving white! Congrats to Sis Raya 🙂
On with my entry now: Featured in the photo below is the Sweetest Cake ever! Okay, it’s a simple Red Ribbon Chocolate Mousse cake but aside from the fact that I love the cream-based mousse, what makes it the sweetest for me is that it brings lovely memories. Me and hubby had this cake during our first monthsary – take note – monthsary, not anniversary. See that perfect heart and the number 23 there? 🙂 He “carved” those. I dug this photo from my Friendster account.