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Why Go-Greeners Must Have Samsung SMART TVs

The world is changing fast and the bad news is that it’s changing for the worse. The tsunami and the earthquakes that Japan recently suffered are just warnings of what is yet to come if we do not make a move to save the environment and give more respect to our Mother Earth. As such, there is a huge call for everyone to become ‘Go Greeners’. Sad to say, it is not enough for us to only try to save our environment during Earth Hour and even the efforts of many environmentalists and nature lovers would be pointless if the majority of the human race do not take part in their Go Green campaign.

It is important to remember that all of us can take part in saving Mother Earth through the little everyday things that we do. In line with the many efforts to save the environment, one of the many simple things that we could do is to make use of environmentally-friendly gadgets. In the case of entertainment technologies, one of the best gadgets accessible now is the Samsung SMART TV.

What Can Go Greeners Do With a Samsung SMART TV?

To start with, the Samsung SMART TV is LED-backlit. This means that it uses Light Emitting Diodes instead of flourescent CFL lighting. When Go Greeners use the Samsung SMART TV, they are able to save on energy because LED backlit TVs use less energy – about 40 to 50 percent lesser – as compared to traditional LCD TVs.

Did you know that TVs are part of the ever-growing e-waste problem? TV parts such as the electronic circuit boards, batteries and color cathode ray tubes (CRTs) from old television sets contain environmental hazards like lead, mercury and hexavalent chromium, and the bad news is that since old TVs do not last that long, these toxins are released in the environment at a faster pace. In contrast, we can prevent the frequent release of these e-waste materials to the environment by using LED backlit TVs which have been reported to last twice as long. In addition to that, LED-backlit LCD TVs have no mercury substance.

The Samsung SMART TV also has a unique Eco Sensor feature. This means that this TV uses light sensor to measure the intensity of light present in your room so it can automatically calibrate the brightness of the image on the screen. When the brightness of your screen is decreased, we can also save energy.

The Samsung SMART TV also allows us to save more energy as it is a multi-tasking gadget. It is the PC and TV combined. If we have one at home, we can send our old PC and TV to Samsung and have them recycled as we save energy by using only one gadget to serve a variety of functions all at the same time.

Using the web browser and the YouTube app from the SMART Hub, we can also use the SMART TV to know more about the environment and the many ways to save it. We can checkout the National Graphic Channel and visit websites of groups and organizations that have Go Green campaigns. Once we are properly informed about the issues that we face, we can then act and respond in a SMARTER and more efficient way.

Using social networking apps and messaging systems available via the SMART Hub, we can then join or even start our own environmental awareness and Go Green campaigns. Moreover, we can encourage more and more people to act and engage in SMARTER ways to save Mother Earth.

This is my entry to the Samsung TV PH’s Things That I Can Do With a Samsung SMART TV contest. I hope you can leave a comment and help me win the TV-PC of my dreams.

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