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Why Educators Must Have a Samsung SMART TV

I have always mentioned in my blogs that in this modern time, educators have to find contemporary teaching methods and tools. Modern teaching tools have to be more engaging, more fun, and more convenient to use. That being said, I firmly believe that the Samsung SMART TV can be an effective teaching tool and schools in the country should have this technology.

Preparing the Kids for a Brighter Future with a Samsung SMART TV

I am really not a full-pledged educator. I am no profesional school teacher. The only people I have been blessed to teach are my sisters and brothers, my daughters, and some of the kids in our neighborhood. However, I am a proud alumna of public schools and I  know from experience that children who have gone to public schools are not very blessed when it comes to effective educational tools.

Most of the time, those who are already attending school have problems with the fact that they are bored with the way their teachers deliver the lessons. The usual blackboard-based teaching is prehistoric and even the use of manila papers and cartolinas is already considered boring by most kids. Sadly, these things are all that is offered in most – if not all public schools. Rarely do we see public school elementary and highschool teachers using power point systems presented through LCD projectors (and even that method is considered old-age). I hope the government could somehow find a way to UPGRADE the type of education served to most Filipinos. One of the many ways to do this is to get a Samsung SMART TV for every school.

Samsung SMART TVs and SMARTER Filipinos

With a Samsung SMART TV, educators (and semi-educators like me) can encourage school kids to pay more attention to their lessons and possibly learn more from schooling. With its wide and clear screen that displays pictures, shows, and movies in HD – and in 3D, the Samsung SMART TV acts as a modern ‘blackboard’ which is very inviting and more enjoyable to look at.

Using this modern and SMARTER black board, we can show our students their lessons in full color and in HD. Since regular text-based lessons are boring, we can try to show them videos and documentaries via YouTube and other educational websites.

In addition to that, there are many interactive educational apps that we can access via the Samsung SMART Hub. For example,

  • If we are to teach Geography and History, we can make use of the Google Maps. Students will actually have more fun when they can actually navigate a map and look upclose at historical places.
  • If we are going to teach the kids about Astronomy, we can use the Armchair Astronaut so the kids can explore the solar system in stunning cinematic HD-3D. With this app, the students can virtually ‘travel’ between celestial bodies and even explore the surfaces of the different planets.
  • Using the Samsung SMART TV, we can also checkout the websites and YouTube channels of the National Graphic Channel and Discovery Channel for lessons regarding zoology, botany, and more.
  • In my case, I’m now preparing my kids for preschool and with a Samsung SMART TV, I can access educational sites like and I can also use the Giggly Phonics Game, Math Series, and Dibo’s Story series that are available on the Samsung SMART Hub.

With the Samsung SMART Hub, we can also access various educational games to make learning more enjoyable for the kids.

Using the Samsung SMART Hub, we can also keep our students updated with the latest news here and abroad. This means they would become more informed and more socially aware. Hopefully, these qualities would serve as a foundation to become productive and responsible citizens.

Last but not the least, the Samsung SMART Hub is one of the most advanced entertainment technology available here in the Philippines. With it, we can allow the students to explore and learn more about technological advancements. While using it as an educational tool, we are not only making the students SMARTER than ever, we can also encourage them to engage in SMART gadgets and we can inspire them to create similar SMART inventions someday.

This is my entry to the Samsung TV PH’s Things That I Can Do With a Samsung SMART TV contest. I hope you can leave a comment and help me win the TV-PC of my dreams.

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