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Twice the fun, Twice the funds

The trouble with having twins is that you always have to spend twice for the same expense. You have to buy twice as many diapers, twice as many cans of milk, twice the baby clothes… twice everything! It’s very expensive.
I’m just glad that the girls have already gone past their walker and stroller days. I remember I really had trouble finding twin strollers before. I know I found a bob revolution stroller from a surplus store in one of the malls in Alabang and I really liked how it looked – and it was considerably very cheap for its quality. Unfortunately, there were no twin stroller versions of it and since we couldn’t afford two individual strollers, what we did was just to rent twin strollers whenever we went malling.
We also didn’t get new walkers for the twins. They just took turns using Yana’s until its wheels broke. Fortunately, they already learned to stand and hold on to the chairs and other stuff at home when that happened. Now, instead of strollers and walkers, we always still spend twice – well actually thrice, one for Yana too – for toys and more. To save a bit, we choose big toys that all of them can play with and enjoy. We got them a play tent, a bike , and the latest is their swimming pool (It’s actually just an inflatable kiddie tub).

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