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My First time on Pink Fridays

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I love pink so I’m joining Mommy Rubz’ newly “revived” Friday Photo Meme about anything Pink 🙂 For my first entry, here’s my (technically) youngest daughter by 10 minutes – Yza in her pink sweater.


A few years ago, it would have been kinda weird to see kids wearing sweaters during the month of February, and in Metro Manila. Now however, sweaters and pajamas are actually necessary to wear because it’s really cold, especially during the wee hours of the morning. I think this has something to do with global warming and it seems that things will get worse in the coming years. So, we have to start going green too – aside from being in love with pink – ASAP.

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Watching watches

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PhotobucketI was doing my rounds on fashion sites, looking for some new clothes, shoes, bags, and accessories that I can feature on the fashion blogs that I maintain for a client when I became suddenly interested in watches. Well, part of the reason was that I lost my watch before and I wanted to buy a new one.

Anyway, I saw this sporty type watch with gold and diamonds and it costs a little more than $35,000. With our average peso-dollar exchange rate of Php 43, that watch would amount to a whopping P1.5 million pesos! Perhaps only the likes of Jinkie Pacquiao could afford such.

Aside from the luxurious watch, I also saw other chic and way cheaper watches from Juicy Couture and MICHELE which caught my attention. Apparently, chronograph watches with big logo details, Swarovski crystal designs, and jelly bean straps are a hit these days.

I also stumbled upon Suunto watches, which are probably what I really need considering the fact that they offer heart rate monitors that would be useful during workouts for weight loss.

Exotic designed watches like those with snake or croc embossed or leather straps are also a hit,as well as those with zebra prints.

The problem however is that though I have seen plenty of choices, I still don’t know what type of watch I should get soon.

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Choosing a Health Insurance Plan

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When I was opening a new bank account at BPI and I was waiting for my turn to talk to the bank representative, I found myself seated across two women. One was a health insurance agent and the other was the potential customer that she was trying to convince. The potential customer wanted to get a health insurance for her aging husband and despite the lengthy explanation that the agent gave; she failed to convince the potential customer that the health plan she was offering actually fit the needs of the husband. Apparently, the potential customer wanted a cheap health insurance plan that will also cover the prescription drugs that his husband might need.

After overhearing their conversation, I thought of getting health insurance plans for the kids, as well as a trust fund. If you are thinking about the same thing and you happen to be bombarded with plenty of health insurance options, here are some questions that you might want to consider before you make your decision.

  • What network of health providers will the health insurance allow you to access?
  • Is your current health care provider included in that network?
  • Is this network of health providers accessible to you location-wise?
  • Do you have a variety of choices for each type of health service provider?
  • What will be the requirements when you need to see specialists?
  • Will the network of providers be accessible from the places that you frequently travel to?
  • What will be the total cost of your health insurance every year? Can you really afford it?
  • What kind of health services does the health insurance policy cover? Do these set of services include the ones that you regularly avail of?
  • Does the health plan include prescription drugs, outpatient care, or home care expenses?
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Day 13: To my Once Lost Eon Visa Debit Card

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This is for Day 13 of my 30 day Blogger Challenge. I was supposed to write a letter to someone who has recently hurt my feelings but since I do not want to discuss much of my personal issues here and I want this blog to be free of negative vibes, I wrote this letter to my Visa Debit Card instead, my UnionBank Eon Card that I lost sometime in December, last year.


Dear My Visa Debit Card

Surprise. Surprise. Now you show up in a mail, with the wallet that I also recently lost.

I have been looking for you all over our house and I did not find you there. Although I was convinced that I really lost you at home, I also tried to convince myself that perhaps Yana did not misplace you, that perhaps I really left you on top of that ATM machine where I last used you to withdraw my Odesk salary. I almost blamed myself.

Do you know how many times I had to go to Union Bank Branches and do over the counter withdrawals since you were gone? Do you know how many Php100 OTC withdrawal fees I had to pay for since you were gone?

Do you know how long I had to wait each time I had to withdraw because the bank tellers had to verify and check my signature from their Cebu-based branch with the EON account database? Do you know how many times I had to tell the tellers my birthday and my mother’s maiden name so they could verify my identity?

Do you know how many times I tried to call their 841-8600 (Union Bank customer service number) in my attempt to replace you? Lucky for you, all my attempts failed and I wasn’t able to get a new EON card to take your place.

I have to be honest with you. Now that you’re back, I don’t think things would ever be the same again between us. You are no longer my only means to get my Odesk funds. Because you were gone for so long, I actually enrolled for a new BPI Teller Savings Account so I can get my salary from my Odesk employers. However, you will not be totally ignored because I can only access my PayPal funds through you.

I hope you don’t wander anywhere out of my sight again.

Happy to have you back in my wallet and my life,

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Buying Weight Loss Muscle Stimulation Equipment

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We have no cable TV connection now and so while I was browsing through the many regular TV channels, I found out that two TV channels aired advertisements from that shopping network. I saw an advertisement for those belts that promote weight loss. Frankly, the ads were quite convincing, not only because they presented seemingly scientific explanations of how the gadgets work but also because they presented the products with client testimonials.

If you have been overdosed with the many shopping network ads, you might end up like me – a bit hesitant, but willing to buy – if given that much of extra (and I mean a lot of extra) money. Frankly, I would want to try those weight loss muscle stimulation equipment, especially if I would be getting them for lower prices, if not for free.

In case, you are thinking of buying weight loss muscle stimulation devices, here are some things you might want to consider:

1. Will you be buying the equipment solely because you believe that it will help you achieve your goal?
2. If you buy the equipment, do you think you will be able to use it regularly? Will you stick to that workout routine appropriate for the equipment you’re buying?
3. Have checked around for the gadget’s market price from different distributors and sellers? Will you be getting the best deal when it comes to quality and pricing?
4. Are you satisfied with the product’s warranty and return policies?
5. Do you think you will be getting adequate assistance from the company’s customer and support services?

If you have answered yes to these five basic questions, then maybe that weight loss muscle stimulation equipment is really worth spending for.