To try or not to try?

Everyday, I get tagged by many online sellers who market their products via Facebook. That’s perfectly okay as I actually really do some shopping online – especially when it comes to clothes and toys. Apart from baby stuff and fashion clothing however, I also get tagged to pictures of slimming pills,. I checked one ad and I saw plenty of inquiries and testimonials. Since it was affordable, I am tempted to try one.

Have you ever tried those slimming pills from Japan? If you were to pick the best diet pills, what would you recommend for me? They say that when you plan to try diet pills, the first thing that you should ask yourself is ‘Why do you weigh much?’ Well, in my case. I think it’s because I overeat when I’m stressed and lacking of sleep. ┬áSo, I should probably stick to those diet stuff that would help me lose my appetite… hmmm. Should I try one? Do they really work? or the better question would be – Will it work on me? LOL.

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