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Why I Keep On Failing at Fulfilling My Weight Loss Plan

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For months now, I have been planning my weight loss plan – and now, it still remains as a plan. Nothing more, nothing less. I know what I should be doing but I can’t seem to start doing it. I know that I should start eating less but when I eat with the kids and feed them from my plate, it just feels so nice to eat and eat too.

Well, as for the workout plan, I actually have no spare time because I blog and work while minding the kids and in between, we sleep, eat, do some household chores, etc. Sometimes, I just feel so exhausted to do a bit of exercise. I’m not really as motivated as I was when I was still single. I don’t know why. When I look at my pictures, I tell myself that I should lose weight because I look so fat already but after a few minutes, I totally forget about everything. I just don’t feel inspired to follow my workout and diet plan. Would the best diet pills for women still work in cases like mine? What would inspire me? I probably should post a biggy picture of mine somewhere where I can see it all the time.