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Top 3 Kiddie Cartoon Shows – Mine and Yana’s Pick

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Staying at home with my kids and doing kiddie stuff with them makes me childish. And part of that childishness is to watch kiddie cartoon shows. I watch plenty of kiddie shows with Yana. Some I don’t like, others I take pleasure on as well.

Some of Yana’s faves bore me but I still watch it with her just so that I could monitor what the TV is feeding her. And besides, it’s actually fun to see your kid imitating all the dancing and singing from the show. Sometimes I even find myself dancing too so Yana would enjoy what she’s doing even more.  Anyway, Yana’s top fave not-cartoon shows now include Yo Gabba Gabba, The Wiggles, and Barney and Friends.

However, nothing still compares to SPONGEBOB Squarepants for her. And I think Yza and Ysha have become “Ba-bab” fans too.

Talking about Spongebob. I love watching him too. He’s a funny character many Filipinos would be able to relate too. You see, Spongebob is a talented fry cook who’s underpaid – like many of us – and, despite the fact that he is actually stuck in a dead-end job, he still works hard – again like most of us. Anyway, I wish I would be infected with his optimism (another thing that most Filipinos are overdosed with).  I also love Spongebob because of all the singing he does. The C-A-M-P-F-I-R-E S-O-N-G song is one of my favorites.

However, when we talk of songs, me and Yana both love Phineas and Ferb. For those who don’t watch it, it’s about two ordinary boys (One has a triangle head while the other has a cylindrical one) who are so creative and talented. They invent awesome things everyday and their sister Candace try to bust them too – everyday – but she keeps on failing. They also have a pet platypus named Perry who is actually a secret agent that is the nemesis of a Doofenshmirtz, an evil scientist. Anyway, Yana loves the songs that they sing and she dances to it too. I also love most of their songs – Backyard Beach, Gitchee Gitchee Goo, Come Home, Perry, and Happy Evil Love Song which goes like this…

It’s the age old story
How an evil boy meets an evil girl
We’ve got the love strong enough to rule the whole wide world
We both maniacally laugh at all the same stuff

You can’t foil a plan that’s built upon evil love

Another cartoon fave of me and Yana is the Fairly Odd Parents. Yana keeps on jumping when she hears its opening theme song. It’s about the kid Timmy Turner who has fairy god parents – the smart, practical Wanda and her ignorant and silly husband, Cosmo. Yana loves the song and the colors while I love the adventures Timmy gets into – from helping an alien to escape his sexy but Amazona-type fiancee to preventing Crocker the F teacher from exposing the fact that he’s got fairies.

I still miss the good old days of Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers and Duck Tales though.


To try or not to try?

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Everyday, I get tagged by many online sellers who market their products via Facebook. That’s perfectly okay as I actually really do some shopping online – especially when it comes to clothes and toys. Apart from baby stuff and fashion clothing however, I also get tagged to pictures of slimming pills,. I checked one ad and I saw plenty of inquiries and testimonials. Since it was affordable, I am tempted to try one.

Have you ever tried those slimming pills from Japan? If you were to pick the best diet pills, what would you recommend for me? They say that when you plan to try diet pills, the first thing that you should ask yourself is ‘Why do you weigh much?’ Well, in my case. I think it’s because I overeat when I’m stressed and lacking of sleep.  So, I should probably stick to those diet stuff that would help me lose my appetite… hmmm. Should I try one? Do they really work? or the better question would be – Will it work on me? LOL.