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The Laptop that I Am

If I was my younger me, then I might have chosen an entertainment or gaming laptop but since I’m my old me now – a mommy of three that is so into money making opportunities these days, I think I’m the Lenovo Ideapad V460.

This Ideapad is one of the most stylishly designed business notebooks by Lenovo.  It is encased in an attractive brushed metal chassis and it’s lightweight. Like me, it runs at super speed with its Intel Core i5 processor and it even has switchable graphics, quite flexible – like the full time mom-blogger-writer that I must be.

The  Lenovo Ideapad V460 may look like your typical consumer pc in the same way that I am also that typical household “nanay” who takes care of the kids and minds everything that concerns the house and the family’s basic needs. On the side however, the V460 also functions as your secure and safe business computer with its fingerprint reader, bio excess feature, and USB port locker. Just the same, I’m your paranoid cynic that always takes extra precautionary measures to safeguard and secure what she has and what must rightfully belong to her. I do that for my Facebook account (and games), and accounts in Twitter, Plurk, Multiply, Stumble Upon, Yahoo Meme, Paypal plus my hubby. haha 🙂

The Lenovo Ideapad V460 is also packed with speedy a DDR3 memory and Windows 7 O.S. – which, well, perhaps match my amazing ability to multi-task? (try carrying two babies and minding the acrobatic toddler while blogging). LOL.

This is my entry to the Amazing Lenovo-PTB (Pinoy Tech Blog) Great Laptop Giveaway. I hope I can win this for my Mom (or I hope she just changes her mind and not work abroad anymore).

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Ellen is a blogger, a web content writer, a researcher, a stalker, an entrepreneur wanna-be, a resourceful moneymaker, a big fan of Supernatural TV shows, a household queen, and a mom of four.
  • Hope you win para hindi na umalis si mommy mo to work abroad. 🙂 mahirap talaga pag malayo sa nanay ano? hehe. wala din akse lage si mama e. 🙂